Theres a new test for Alzheimers – it involves peanut butter


Theres a new test for Alzheimers – it involves peanut butter
It struck Stamps, then, that if she asked people to smell a 'pure odorant' – something that is only detected by the olfactory nerve – she could assess whether their cognitive abilities were hampered. Why peanut butter? Because she wanted something so …
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André Alexis's Giller-winning novel throws philosophy to the dogs
With a slightly bigger jury, there's less room for coercion and more for consideration, he explains, shaking Alexis's hand, “that's the beauty of five. … What unites us in consciousness is also what divides us, our sense of our own separateness from …
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PETA's Lawsuit Over a Monkey Selfie Copyright is Now Even More Bizarre
Motherboard did its own investigation back in September, consulting a researcher named Carol Berman who has Ph.D students working with the same monkeys in Indonesia. “I can say with confidence … “All you need to know is PETA have no proof they are …
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