The Truth – Wake Up Sheeple

Embrace change.
FCB New Zealand, The Change Agency.
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27 thoughts on “The Truth – Wake Up Sheeple”

  1. Communist Nazi Jew

    The actual story is that the american police force did 9/11 to make it easier to remember their number "Nine One One"

    The More You Know♒★

  2. Chaotickclock

    911 was done by the reptilian mole people who live underground hiding the fact that the earth is flat (i did legit research on legit sites all written by one guy whos totally not brainwashing dumbasses like me) and they are the illuminati and the illuminati is the cis-white male patriarchy. What you dont beleive me? Your just another example of how this world is filled with sheeple, you are the one being brainwashed definitely not me, who pays hundreds to some whackjob.

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