The Sheeple (Mirrored)


If Mainstream media showed a picture of a cod fish and said it was a new species of seal, all the gullible suckers would believe it without a doubt. No questions asked. FACT – We love to be right which means that we look for someone to tell us information.  As long as the creator of this information is credible in our eyes, we will blindly believe whatever they tell us.  Since mainstream media still holds that reputation as being credible then we as a people believe what they tell us.

This has become an incredible weapon in society as media has now become so prevalent to our lives.

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  1. (1:181:22) What real marathoner finishes a race like these, like they don't give a damn ? None, that's who ! These here have no more run 26 miles than fly to the moon. You would never see a 'plodder' running a four hour plus time and look like he hadn't run the park yet – a small one. They'd be showing some signs of strain/suffering and signs of relief mixed with sense of accomplishment. You don't feel that from these fakes.

  2. Did you know here in Australia our family department stores now have one gender change rooms. Men and women alternately on each cubicle, not room. I'm disgusted and all of us can start somewhere complain , complain . My daughters will never go into a change room again . Our public broadcaster had a online story headline ' What's wrong with cannibalism ' What a abhorrent story to write, I'm sickened to the core. We need to stop being passive , I've emailed and called to complain . At the Gold Coast we have urinals that pop up in busy streets it's so wrong. Our governments and authorities are making the public more vulnerable and claiming to be protecting us , what garbage. Our media is regurgitated American garbage , not a original story in any of the organisations , including our abc

  3. Come on we had faith in these people to be honest , I know I believe I am . No more ,we are waking up ,the TRUTH will be known. 2017 year of the Rooster , GODS on our side

  4. Thanks Peekay T for your investment into these psy-ops. people should not be so easily manipulated.

  5. They are ALL classics but The Virginia Live On TV Shooting of Reporter Alison Parker (the soon-to-be-but-never-to-be-"betrothed" bride of Red Hot Alpha Male No Way Gay Chris Hurst) was perhaps the biggest pisstake in history!!!!! No discussion needed. JUST LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!! The human race is well and truly F@cked

  6. Good video, I enjoyed listening to the sheep, they make about as much sense as the human sheep make.

  7. Melbourne and Florida are going to have a hoax off to see who'll get the most publicity for their staged events.

  8. Why the hell are we trying to save this lot … ? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ …..  Excellent video PeeKay …. !

  9. . .  P.K.  . .  Whatever happened to ''GutJar" and his "Pseudo-Hebe'' .. "zioNazi'' wife ?

  10. I felt bad for my mother today when l saw her sitting in front of the television like a zombie watching CNN mind contol propaganda. I can't wake her up, she's so far gone.

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