The Four Cognitive Function Axes


I have been observing within myself and others the relationship between our dominant and inferior function and how we can get them to effectively work together just enough to where they don’t interfere with the dominant mission. I’ve found that many don’t believe that you can ever get your dominant and inferior to work together, but I personally disagree. Although I don’t believe we can ever become strong in our inferior, especially as strong as those who use it as an dominant or aux, I still believe we can find ways to use it without clashing as much with our dominant. Allow me to explain in this video. 🙂

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  1. This was a really good video! I never put TOO much thought into it, but I was always more under the impression that in terms of the way we judge and perceive the world, we start from our dominant function and work our way down in a sense. You would say that's not true? I mean what you said in the video definitely makes sense like you have to understand what's been done to understand what's new and you have to understand what's present to understand the future but I don't know I just never thought of it that way. But like I said I get it; I kind of always wondered that–if we start off with a 0% (as inferior function) and build off of that or 100% and everything else is effected by it. Perhaps we are talking about to slightly different things, but yeah. Great video, cool concept and information. I do think this should've been a regular MBTI video though lol. The moment you started I was surprised its a SS Video. I could tell there was a lot that you wanted to say but refrained from because of that. It's okay though. So maybe you should make more video(s) going more in depth but I do believe you accomplished your goal of covering the basics and emphasizing that we shouldn't even really focus on our inferior function anyway HOWEVER it does serve a purpose. Good job and I love you ;).

  2. I'm an ENFJ too and I have an ENFP friend that i'm pretty sure is an ENFP but i can't really sense her Fi? She seems to use more of an Fe. How can i tell the difference between an Fe and Fi in a friend? Thankyou! (:

  3. Yo, beautiful video.
    So the dominant and inferior functions are basically two sides of the same coin. The coin represents the goal. I guess you need both the dominant and inferior to get to it.

  4. I believe FE user are responsible for social constructions. Take a moment. Lol yes. Now these users create these constructs to feel a certain way.

  5. FE believe in social constructs and you need to look into that single out others because they aren't political correct. Not fair now if someone is rude for the sake of it I get it but we can tell when someone is being mean and when someone is being theatrical with language and expression. Awareness is key.

  6. 1.) I think a lot of people take MBTI way too seriously and forget that we are whole and regular people aside from our functional stack. Someone can have a personal agenda and create steps to get there without it being a hassle. That's Te/Fi working together and it can be done. So for anyone to claim that Ti/Fe or Te/Fi can never work together in unison is looking too deep into MBTI. Your statement was quite clear to me. Accomplishment just means a goal was met, it doesn't mean that Ti was mastered. In your case, you believed a personal goal was met and it made complete sense. People were just too tied into MBTI that they forget the functions healthily work together at times, ..mainly in mature individuals like yourself.

    2.) As far as one person being ENTJ and the other being INTP, this is still a theory. We have no idea if those folks are ACTUALLY those types.. and as I've said to the INTP, "T" doesn't mean smart.. We can only guess or assume that these people are the types they say they are but after reading the argument, I have my doubts.

    3.) When I was reading that argument on Twitter about that tweet, I was baffled that the people called themselves Intuitives. They were making smart remarks about you using fictional characters as if they didn't understand how metaphors or abstract communication work ..You were trying to give them a perspective that would help them better understand what you were saying. If you are Ne/Ni auxiliary, I would think you'd know how to interpret abstract communication and understand underlying meaning.

    4.) People seem to think having Ti/Te inferior means you're stupid when in fact being a T doesn't mean you're smart. (Like I said before.) I do believe you are an ENFJ but you are one of the most intellectual/logical people in MBTI I've talked to as of yet.. (even more so than so-called T doms and T auxes.) I agree that if you focus on your auxiliary function you will naturally grow your other functions/inferior functions. However, if the auxiliary starts trying to compete with the dominant, that could be trouble as well.. Honestly, my opinion is that the more mature you get, the better your inferior gets. (..and really just your overall functions.. You become more rounded and difficult to type.) .. By mature, I mean going over your thoughts, self-reflecting, seeing others' perspectives, being self aware, and making sure your ego is not so out of control that you are in denial about certain aspects of yourself. Most people who focus way too hard on MBTI stroke the ego part of themselves, (mostly those who think they're T types or want to be so bad to the point where they deny having emotions, even when I catch them saying some emotional shit..).. Those people are immature and they will probably always be stuck not knowing how to "marry" the dom/inferior.. but since you're mature you get that it works and you actually do it well…

    5.) This was a very good video and I wish you didn't feel the need to explain yourself because I felt like it was clear as day in the tweet.. but everyone can't be up to speed.. So I guess it was generous of you to do this for the slowpokes of the community.

    Sorry for being so longwinded but you know, I have a lot to say … lol

  7. Great video as always man thank you for that 🙂 One thing I've noticed (that I really need to work on) is that my tertiary function (Si) often clashes with my auxiliary (Ne). When I'm trying to find a solution for a problem I'm facing I often revert back to a familiar method or when I'm playing an online game I often going back to a tried and tested method rather than trying to be innovative and coming up with something new. I've only recently been catching myself doing this (once you got me into MBTI actually haha) and honestly it really makes me hate my Si because I value being creative over my sensing function so I often feel hindered. Idk I'm not as creative as other Ne auxiliary people are but my Ne does manifest stronger than anything else when I'm interacting with people or when I'm thinking about hypotheticals. But yeah man if it weren't for you I definitely wouldn't have realized this and now I know that the solution is probably for me to work on developing my Ne.

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