The Donald By a Hair


The Donald By a Hair
In our increasingly mindless times, we need as many sound philosophers as we can get. A Republican nominee …. Make full use of drones to monitor pedestrian traffic on its southern side, and of ground sensors to police for tunnel drilling. All this …
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What a Science Writer Thinks about on His Morning Commute
Rich getting richer, poor poorer, Republicans and Democrats squabbling, drones incinerating people in lands far, far away. But now and then something good happens. The Cold War ends, Americans elect a Black President, gays get to marry. Little upticks …
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (review)
Said gadgetry includes being able to take control of drones, robots, turrets and other such technology — flying a drone into an area and clearing out enemies was a surprisingly fluid delight. Utilizing a Direct Neural Interface, plugged directly …
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The Case for Bernie Sanders
Campaign-trail reporting is like high school: a brutish, interminable exercise in policing mindless social rules. In school, if someone is fat or has zits or wears the wrong clothes, the cool kids rag on that person until they run home … Donald Trump …

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