At What Temperature do Young Men pull their Pants up?


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I have recently moved to the Twin Cites in Minnesota and presently live in downtown St Paul. Having lived in rural Arkansas I spent little time in urban areas over the last few years you can imagine how unprepared I was for this extreme life change. But that is not what I am writing about today.


The fashion statement of Sagging has been of interest to me the last few days as I was not aware of how many young men (and some women) wear their pants loosened to expose their butts and hold their pants up by grabbing the front belt buckle with one hand so they can walk. It looks to me that the more you can expose your underwear the better you are perceived.
I am not going into the social statements or issues that this fashion trend is supposed to express. I have read what I think were the reasons for doing it but in this society of sheeple, I am not sure if I asked the wearers they would know the reasons themselves.
My Question today is at what Temperature do they pull them up?

I was in downtown St Paul Sunday morning where the temperature was -18 below zero with wind chills approaching -35 to 40 below. It was brutal outside. Yet standing at the train station platform were 3 shivering young men all with their pants sagging exposing their backsides down to mid-thigh. All of them were using 1 hand to hold up their pants and shuffling their feet like penguins just to walk on the frozen sidewalk. With the recent snow and extreme cold walking outdoors was hazardous for the rest of us. But these young men were scuffling along not able to lift their feet for fear of falling and exposing their under clothed bodies to the snow. It was actually amazing for me to watch as it was very difficult for them to walk with any pace at all. Two of them actually had their free hands on the other’s shoulders to steady themselves. Fortunately they all made it safely on the train where they proceeded to pull up their pants. A pretty surprising sight.

Since this was on my mind I actually paid attention and in the next 3 hours downtown saw no less than 8 other young men and one young women waddling around in the snow. All while temps were well below zero. Aren’t they afraid? Exposing their bodies to this extreme cold could cause dire consequences to their reproductive parts. Haven’t they ever heard of Polar Penis? Shouldn’t we as a society be policing this fashion statement? At least during temperature extremes are we not risking our future when this generation of young men cannot reproduce because of damage due to a fashion statement?
While some of this is in jest. I still would like to know.

       At What Temperature do they pull their Pants up???

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  1. Very droll and love your writing, plus a very good question! I’ve lived in Minnesota all my adult life and often find myself bemused at this habit.

    Now for the answer: never! I know this from personal experience because my son wears his pants in this exact way and has done so without fail for many years. Back 15 years ago when he was a teenager, it was all about the bagginess, and the loose pants worn almost at the knees (indeed my son wore his jeans around his knees for about half a year, before realising it was almost impossible to walk and literally impossible to skate) – they all did it, trying to emulate rappers and trying to appear tough I guess (we live in a nice suburb by the way!).
    These days you still do see them sagging in baggy pants, but some of those who have moved with the times, such as my son, now sag in skinny jeans. Indeed he belts his skinny jeans halfway down his thighs. It’s purely a habit and I asked him why he still does it, and he claimed it’s just how he wears them now, it’s been too long.

    Of course, as you wryly noted, this restricts movement very greatly, especially in snow and don’t get me started on stairs – my son hasn’t been able to properly walk up stairs for 15 years. They don’t walk, they waddle. Just like penguins as you say!

    I think when it comes to ‘saggers’ we can be grateful that it’s winter – they may get very freezing but for the rest of us, it just means more clothes to cover up what we don’t want to see.

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