Sherlock Holmes of the New Age


Even the world famous character of Sherlock Holmes would feel envious an excited when seeing the versatile features for crime scene investigation offered by a well customized RC drone with a camera. Providing quality evidence material, penetrating on places where access is difficult and helping preserve the crime scene by fast photography coverage, all these are essential for backing up the logical reasoning of a good crime investigation team. In addition the use of RC drones in criminality today, reminds of the famous detective’s astute taste for application of scientific and technology gadgets in order to resolve difficult cases.
Weather a homicide, robbery, hostage taking or an act of terrorism, the presence of a drone in crime investigation teams is a key element for resolving the case faster and in a more efficient way. The drone provides a stable platform for taking overhead still photographs and delivering live video footage, building a solid ground for the investigators to analyze the crime case. Very often evidence is threatened by people’s movement or weather conditions, therefore demanding the necessity of full photographic coverage as fast as possible. Preservation of evidence is crucial for crime resolution, each data being an essential piece of a puzzle to be solved. Being the fastest photographer covering many different angles the RC drone beats all other solutions available by its quality performance.
Moreover, overhead images can give more clues about possible escape plans of the suspects and how the action had developed. The RC drone’s camera can provide high quality photographs, high definition video, low light black and white footage and even infrared video, making it possible to witness events even in difficult conditions. All this is nowadays available in good quality at an affordable price, offering much more flexibility and less demand for human resources. The technological advancement if progressing further and further, so that we will have even better quality and lower prices in the near future.

Max Heinzelmeyer loves writing about technology related topics. He lives in Berlin/Germany and simply enjoys his life and work.

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