Sheeple Of America


The world will always have sheeple. This is my opinion on the direction needed to survive in the world as it is today.

My intended target audience does not have to worry about the entire world heeding my advice and following up on it tomorrow or ever. Most people are too stupid or lazy to do what is necessary to achieve excellence. So don’t worry, not EVERYBODY is going to get vasectomies and not EVERYBODY is going to major in STEM.

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  1. Tj Lennon are you fucked? The ideas And lyrics are at a genius level and his flow is off the charts.. You just like shit rap

  2. I love the message. Im on it. But the flow is garbage. He should write for someone who has better spit. I mean if I was a potentially hearing the ideas expressed in the music for the first time it would definitely interest me. But the flow turns me off immediately. Its annoying. His wordplay is dope. But his voice & delivery are just terrible. It sounds like sum 1982 flow.

  3. i love sheeple y becoz they make mass genocide look like a three ring circus, doesnt tht sound like a blast from a 12 guage rht to the face but it wont hurt to die on ur knees with a smile on ur face becoz u drunk so much aspartame u dont know which way is up anymore. JESUS BLESS THE SHEEPLE 😀 fucking idiots

  4. in the land of the blind the one eyed man is always king !!!!!!
    dope lyrics hook was annoyin but gd work bro !!

  5. "They'll never tell yer which way you're headed ya nerd! the good shepard never sharpens his knifes infront of the herd!" ……… Fuckin brilliant line that! haha this joint lyrically; is also very accurate in my humble opinion. This is not quite what i was searching for but nethertheless i'm glad i accidently stumbled upon it now.

  6. Excellent-and sadly true. I'm going to share YOUR link to try & wake up more sleeping sheeple.

  7. sign that petition! i did days after it came out… i need to find one for congress

  8. Me. Cleary your a good man. I don't give a damn what anyone says about you. It's hard to find people with similar views on most of these topics that have to do with education, our rights, and etc. Keep up the work and stay well. Quick question, what kind of bike do you ride?

  9. good god I fucking hate the sports culture in this country….jesus what a fucking waste of time. I can't believe there are entire columns and shows dedicated to just talking about sports and they get ratings. Its all over a bunch of shit that doesn't matter. Sports is supposed to just be simple entertainment…nothing more.

  10. In my ever so (cough, wheeze) humble (choke) opinion (assuming any of my opinions are humble given that Ayn Rand diverted my entire from an already extraordinary path onto an anything but humble path while you were still in grade school), this is one of the best videos from you that I have listened to. Even though you're a few years behind me (and I don't mean in age), you're all right. Definitely top 1%.

  11. +AaronClarey I think the point is really that not everyone is meant to major in STEM and it's not like there is a (massive) shortage of STEM graduates, so why criticize people who choose to become writers (teachers, managers, etc.) instead? Clearly, if one expects an undergraduate degree to be his terminal degree, he increases his chances of financial success if he picks engineering. Ok, well there are many paths that may be taken in life… One of those paths is majoring in dude bro business and becoming a youtube economist. P.s. Even Obama tells us to major in STEM! P.p.s. We need better writers, teachers, managers, and lawyers!! So let's stop herding all the good guys away. But, yea, I get it… Your philosophy is purely economic. But really, how do you expect better laws to be made if all the good guys go into tech fields and none go into economics, public policy, and law?

  12. It's kind of scary we're letting the people that aren't that successful raise the next generation while the ones with their stuff together (and ironically, might be in the position to raise a kid proper) are the ones opting out of it.

  13. You'd think you wouldn't have to explain to someone that not everyone is going to do something just because you put out an alternative. If the world worked like that how long before someone says holding your breathe for an hour increases your vitality. Shit I'd put that out there.

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