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We all have been trained!

Please watch: “Wood Stoves and Fire places are being banned”

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The Survival Mindset: Why obedient sheeple will DIE in any collapse!

* People who are totally obedient to the system will go along with their own destruction and death.

* People who go along with everything and never rock the boat have never learned how to overcome adversity.

* They are psychologically weak.

* Emergencies are high-stress situations that require overcoming obstacles with adaptation skills.

* People who are independent thinkers are constantly overcoming obstacles.

* A benefit of living in a difficult world as critical thinkers is that it makes us stronger to survive.

* Be thankful for the difficulties that have brought you to this moment in your life.

* Like you, I’ve had to fight for every achievement in my life. Nothing was ever given to me on a silver platter.

* I know what it’s like to be poor and to struggle to have money to buy food.

* Because of life’s challenges, I’ve learned how to overcome adversity.

* The human race is about to face a huge global test of survival.

* There will be a HUGE reduction in the human population.

* Humanity will be challenged with a life-or-death crisis, and not everyone will survive the chaos.

* The government cannot and will not save you.

* Survival is a mindset, and it’s a mindset that can be learned.

* The future of the human race belongs to the survivors, not the obedient.

* Over time, those who cannot survive are eliminated from the gene pool.

* Keep up with your survival skills and you will be among those who make it through.

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  1. very strong preacher! We need more hard hitters like this man. Common sense and truth.;)

  2. I want to say thank you, so very much for helping me to open my eyes more and understand scripture for the first time. The video is right on point, may the most high God of all creation continue to bless you and the straitway truth ministry.

  3. Pastor D, i vote thumbs UP!!  i absolutely abhor this matrix!!  i also teach against it. from birth i have had this calling.  i am thankful people are waking up. and more importantly worthy leaders are coming forth to lead the Sheeple and the Called Ones. Just a pity the others are too fearful to come forward and run a community. by 2000 there should have been no less than three in every state!!

  4. my name is pastor adrian mccluney, and i know exactaly the system you are talking about. i'm with the few that is awake, God bless you. you keep preaching the truth pastor dowell. you pray for me and i will pray for you.

  5. Great job Pastor Dowell, when i use to speak to my classmates about such things, they would look at me like i was crazy, even some of my teachers would try to stop me with a write up slip lol. anyway, Thumbs up!

  6. You speak truth. But the only devils are the people who created this so callled matrix inwhich I or we are considered the villains or terrorist if you will because we are truly awake.

  7. Sheeple – I like that term. I view sheeple as those who follow the path and choose not to seek enlightenment. There are few who search for the light. Those who do are often called Conspiracy Theorist.

  8. I am amazed at how much entangled in lies we have been brought up in. The truth is mind blowing. I have tried to wake up friends and family and they don't want to know the truth. They want to stay blissfully ignorant I just keep praying for them. Thanks for telling the truth.

  9. Shalom pastor Dowell, just wanted to know what you thought about the movies Son of God and Noah that are coming out sometime in early 2014

  10. This planet is definitely not the planet that our parents inherited, to say the least!!!!

    It needs a miracle almost!

  11. PS – Depending on the state of the world your describing, who would want to live in the apocalyptic human reality-based bullshit you are describing to us .. Oh, I worked hard for many years and different employers also

  12. Again- Want to go on a trip out of town to another state ? Only Government workers can afford that .Especially the child molester's you worship on tv . Cry when something bad happens to them they will love and buy another YACHT to add to there collection even 4 more Mansion and a private island , You just sit there in front of the Screen while they explore for you .Google the world with all the sites to see sad you can't come join them in there trip but they will come back and tell you about how much fun they had.Government workers even get paid well by having the machine doing all the talking .. Need help just talk to the SIM lady .You know how many scream at the damn phone saying I want to speak to a real live person ? Then you get elevator Music because many are too busy shopping and exploring while there phone is in there pocket pretending they are working spending the tax dollars and then enforce you take out of them mother and children's mouth when they over spend . You slaves pay for them to do less work while they are living the high life .But remember they worked hard for that money so you better treat them right .MONSTER INC movie came to life . They love the cries, screams and when you fear them being cowards and allow them to run your town Just put the food, water and homes into there hands and they will take care of everything watching many SCREAM and saying Sorry I can't help you but you can help me buy paying me more MONEY .You people are seriously sick that you want it to be like Africa with children commercials Where these government workers are mocking Americans . Look how many who do not have a government job but have a Job living in Poor conditions an still need government assistance Where government workers are even taking more from them through the banks and not helping with childcare , While these government workers live well doing less work . Then are screaming out there door You are just jealous when if it were not for the Low class they would have NOTHING since they do not get there hands dirty but do the taking and scamming .My mother was one of those mothers who had a house through the people who made the decisions in this country and only made her pay a dollar that were SANE and CARING PEOPLE, Now all my brothers work but can't even afford a house of there OWN and need a roommate for a small room or apartment , While these people get to live in one . And they want to see women and children starve if you are a stay at home mom or if you don't have a government Job They give you a little extra through government funding But not enough to live well like them .. Everything is backwards in this country .. You ignore it and when those Mothers die You people are next because All they care about is control when there is enough food and enough homes for everyone to have . Where the fuck is the revolution COWARDS ? …32"You shall make no covenant with them or with their gods. 33"They shall not live in your land, because they will make you sin against Me; for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare to you."

  13. I live in both worlds; sheeple and survivor. I can be just as obedient as the next person; when it is profitable for me, and I can be self led if it is profitable for me. I can be an insider and I can be an outsider. I can be your best friend and I can be your worst enemy what ever it takes for me to survive and prosper. I can flip the switch in my mind from helpful to hurtful without any remorse, I can do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. I can live rich, and I can live poor. I can live in and support a group, or I can turn and abandoned the group when it is no longer profitable to me. I am a survivor.

  14. So glad to meet you! My email censored you and disabled links to scare me off of your messages, now I know who I should be scared of!

  15. When You have moral strength You'll have the other, not the other way around.

  16. Learning the difference between the real and the abstract will take us a long way.
    Sadly, most don't understand the difference. Because of this another man made Great Depression is very likely.

  17. pretty sure that depression and hunger loses the game for all. we cant fight that part.

  18. Mike. Have you done a video on how to properly defend ourselves in a crisis? If not, will you do one in the near future? Thanks.

  19. 5:30
    I thought about that years ago. To be thankful.
    It adds dimension or greater depth to ones life.

  20. There isn't enough in this world for everyone to be prepared anyhow. Every man for himself!

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