Scott Adams teaches you how to spot cognitive dissonance in the media


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Scott Adams (born June 8, 1957) is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, and business. He was one of the first who predicted a Trump presidancy very early on.

In this clip, Scott Adams talks about the channel 4 interview of Jordan Peterson with Cathy Newman and how her cognitive dissonanz become very apparent. Also Trump. Full clip, quoted under fair use:

You can watch his frequent periscopes at:

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  1. Patterns are sometimes real, of course. The most obvious pattern in this context is the pattern of false accusations of racism against Trump of racism, sexism, etc. In this case, it includes actually editing the video of Trump's comments to reinforce the racism claim.

  2. When the trump administration implemented the so called muslim ban, there was so much out cry of racism and so forth from left and right. total chaos. Of course how could this actually happen?! When you analyze the information, not from the news report but the source itself, it's a totally different story. When Reince Priebus went on live tv explaining what this ban was about, I was so confused how the media call it a ban when it was fully explained what it was. It was so prevalent in the press conference that is held so very often in the white house.

    When trump declared fake news, he was right.

  3. Treason does not require war. The Rosenbergs were tried and executed for Treason.

  4. The transcripts, multiple sources, insofar as aware, mentioned MS13 separately from immigrants, in different context. Further, does anyone else take umbrage with intetpreting an interpretation to disregard the qualifier, which is crucial to context? Irony much? I applaud seeking truth beyond confirmation bias, but we can also become immune to criticism once built a sufficiently stable world view even if founded upon healthy skepticism. The mind seeks cohesion, reliable patterns, and all the positive is so easily elevated and the negative so easily diminished.

    Gaslighting is also a potential at play, if even inadverdent, though time will tell.

  5. Shit, I was less racist 20 years ago. I know much more about the world now.

  6. The media and the left spent all of 2017 trying to convince America that Republicans and white people were the ones who were consumed by hate. But it turns out those hateful people were actually the group that used facts to form their opinions. Its interesting to me how far people will go, what they will believe or justify to further their hate for something. Today, there is a group protesting Trump at his Long Island speech against MS13, still claiming he called all immigrants animals long after the media's misrepresentation of the presidents words. Confirmation bias? The idea that the left accuses their opponents of what they do has certainly be confirmed since the election. Just how long is it going to take for people to understand they have been used and manipulated to further someone else's political campaign for power? Will they ever admit it? When people who claim to be anti-establishment come out in support for the FBI's clear abuses of power; it makes it clear to me indoctrination  of the youth and virtue signaling through social media is THE BEST tool ever constructed to control people. Nobody should ever under estimate America's creativity or innovation…for good purposes or bad.

  7. Scott, Journalism is not really a high IQ field. I don't know about the particular individual at the NYT. But I do know that it does not take any real effort to get through Journalism School. And, journalism is one of the lower forms of writing. Believe me that you are at least on a par intellectually with any journalist. Love your show. Keep it coming.

  8. I like Scott but I'm not sure he knows what cognitive dissonance is. Cognitive dissonance is the ability of someone to hold two or more contradictory ideas in their mind and the feeling that one gets when they try to square those ideas with each other.

  9. Ive read a few transcripts of trumps speaches. I think they do read like jibberish. But live they are the best speaches ever. Talks and walks like a guy.

  10. For Occam's Razor, is it not true that Occam's Razor applies to the external evidence, not the internal subjective? I noted you stated that here, you are not speaking to the scientific explanation. However, the 'explanation' is that of external affecters, not personal experience, and subsequent expression of that experience, in what is simplest. This may sound like the same thing, but it is one with the aforementioned subtle difference that the evidence is to a consequential degree purposefully and conscientiously NOT mixed with individual perception. Without this, it is easy to deconstruct the concept by sighting individuality of statement.

  11. so it’s been a short while
    and scott is now a real presence
    it will be interesting to see if his approach catches on to 1,000,000
    because it is both interesting current and informative , it is also humane approachable and funny at times

    and didn’t know I could like
    my coffee more !

  12. When the MSM, social media, political antagonists, and movie stars use all the concepts that create a pattern of behavior at the same time the truth would be overwhelmed. We see that with fake news and propaganda, you can't be just a consumer of information anymore, if you allow 'them' to choose what you read, hear and see they will program your mind.

  13. Daily report…still Yanny….. i have even tried to be biased TOWARD Laurel to no avail.

  14. What is truly amazing is the fact that this mental bitch is on TV and not in an the insane asylum she clearly belongs in?

  15. Ok Cathy. Do you have the intestinal fortitude to interview him again?

  16. I guess very few people on the left would be saying they didn't here Trump say shit hole, even if they thought they did.

  17. Has anyone considered that newman was just trying to win. That it didn,t matter whether she agreed or disagreed with peterson she was attempting to score points for her ego rather than coming from a feminist angle

  18. I wish I could have been you neighbor back in the old days, you are hilarious……

  19. It really just comes down to…. YANNY v LAUREL ….people really can hear two different things….and it doesn't mean they're lying

  20. FEMINISTS SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST,…..they achieved their definition in law over 100 years ago.

  21. The RSPCA look after animals, there should be an equivalent organization for Cathy Newman's mental health.

  22. So now she's not the bitch, he's the one that triggered her hallucination… no dear sir, she has an average brain and it happens that she's confronting a much more clever man. She's also malicious (like most women) and savage!!! She definitely needs a real man!!!!

  23. I'll give her credit for one thing. Agree with Peterson or not entering into a debate with someone as obviously intellectually formidable as him would be like me stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson.

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