Role Play: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


Role Play: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive-behaviour therapy involves a specific focus on cognitive strategies such as identification and modification of maladaptive cognitive errors and restructuring of core beliefs and/ or representations of the self. Further focus is on behavioural strategies that are designed to activate clients in the environment with a view to effect desired behaviour change.

Presented in an authentic and flowing style, this video incorporates a role play demonstrating the key techniques of Cognitive-behaviour therapy — demonstrated by counselling professionals and including captions of the specific skill as it is demonstrated.

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  1. I wander why no one has pointed out that this CBT model is premised on the fallacy that the patients thought is irrational and that they can back into successful resolution of problems by substituting a more rational thought…..whatever

  2. I would never minimize a persons struggle by comparing it to my own.. Our struggles may be different, but the emotions behind them are the common thread. We are all on our own journey, which brings our unique set of difficulties. Identify your struggle, and overcome it. Period.

  3. this is informative but being from the united states I had a hard time figuring out what the hell UNI was. wtf? I thought that UNI was her girlfriend or something.

  4. here's a few suggestions to try
    Don't take stimulants like alcohol and coffee
    Try to relax
    Do daily exercises
    Seek help from others
    (I read these and more ideas from Trevs panic fixer site )

  5. He wasted her time & money by addressing symptoms instead of root causes!
    The poor girl (& ppl generally) has been conditioned to believe the lie that to be a 'successful' person she needs to be able to do an unrealistic mountain of undertakings & acheive it all at a certain level & within a certain time frame.
    She clearly failed at being able to do all this because the load she was carrying was far too much for her to handle (all at once at the very least, & maybe she never really needs to do all these things, but only assumes she should because of ridiculous cultural expectations put on her}.
    That counsellor caused her to address & correct one lie because her worth is not lowered by her failure, but he unknowingly encouraged the lie that she can & should be able to acheive an unrealistic amount if she only believes in herself. THAT'S ABSURD, & VERY DAMAGING! EVERYONE WHO TAKES ON TOO MUCH WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DO IT ALL! Simple reality!

    Why didnt he address & let her sort thru what really is essential from what isnt essential at this point in her life, so she can just put her energy into those things, as well as helping her see that her worth as a human being is NEVER determined by what the culture determines is 'success'.

  6. Dear Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Thank you for taking the time and effort to both upload and share this video with the youtube community. Thank You

  7. So outside of an idealised role play how many hundreds of thousands of times do you need to repeat this therapy in real life for it to be effective on someone who is actually depressed or anxious? I've done 10 sessions of CBT and they made things worse in that I don't feel any better and am also out of pocket to boot.

  8. That was not a dispute. He affirmed her belief that "I must be good enough" and i AM good enough. A dispute would be if she said, "I am human. I dont HAVE to be be competent and successful in ALL the things". i can just try my best.

  9. Omg. Boo fuckin hoo. I would kill for her "stressors". What a snotty brat. Its called LIFE. Deal with it. Most people have absolutely no idea what REAL problems are like.

  10. Cool! I knew she'd be fine!!  I'm none of those things she is though!  What if you aren't good at school..and also have none of those good things going on personally like she does also.:(  

  11. I couldnt believe how easy it was to be able to go from a debilatating negative thought t a very real and positibe one. Was good

  12. I couldnt believe how easy it was to be able to go from a debilatating negative thought t a very real and positibe one. Was good

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