ring video doorbell, asleep at night

Jul 5, 2017 | | 3 comments

ring video doorbell, asleep at night. Works OK during the day but doesn’t detect motion at night.
I’ve delt with this for 2 months and ring customer service wasn’t helpful. Mindless drones that just go through the motions and waist all my time. If this
is sensitive enough to sense a car going by 100 feet away during the day, why then does it no detect motion 5 feet in front of it at night? JUST ANSWER ME THAT SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!!

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3 Responses

  1. Ring doesn't have a motion sensor like the security light. It uses software to simulate that using the camera sensor. The camera is like any digital camera and doesn't do well in the dark. I keep my front porch light on all night and my Ring works at night when people come to the door. The competitor – Skybell does have a motion sensor like a security light. I replaced my Skybell because it really is a piece of junk compared to Ring.

  2. lol mine is the same at night. my ring stick up cam works very well at motion detection at night though. much better than the doorbell.

  3. Long winded but appreciate an honest review of a product. Looking forward to your future reviews and safe travels.

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