Psych Terms: Cognitive Dissonance Theory


In Psych Terms we attempt to describe and define potentially confusing psychological terms while illustrating examples to best visualize it. In this video we describe the Cognitive Dissonance Theory and how someone attempts to remedy their conflicting thoughts.

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A Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance by Leon Festinger, is the result of the human mind solving conflict. In the case of emotional abuse, people will make choices that go against reality to soothe the discomfort caused by inconsistencies.

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  1. Thank you David!
    You're soothing our broken souls with each video. God bless you!

  2. Thanks for another great video David

    They come and go, come and go, come and go… my ex used to go into a rage over absolutely nothing and then pack half his stuff up all the bloody time and put it in his car then rewind. All to see how upset it would make me. Manipulating piece of shit.

  3. Is Cognitive Dissonance like denial where as a person does not even know they are lying to themselves or do they really believe what they say. Is it someone just trying to look on the bright side. I do not like people who play mind games… I try to stay away from people like that.

  4. Narcissists destroy and defeat themselves by behaving recklessly; by sabotaging careers and relationships; And by being obstructive and passive-aggressive.

  5. Quick question: in contrast to the narcissist, would be it accurate to say that a psychopath is genuinely confident in themselves?

  6. Looking good David! You know, in an odd way, this reminds me of the Mandela Effect and our perception and vision how it all works on our brain, our feelings and our perception of reality. It's all connected in someway. I am at the "it's okay" ie cognitive dissonance stage on the narcissistic abuse, Mandela Effect and my bygone false reality I once lived as the truth. I believe it's all designed to get us off our horse, our true path of who we really are meant to be. Great video again!

  7. I don't think my ex meant for the final discard to be the last one. He moved out all of the time and wouldn't tell me where he was. This one was different because the army stepped in and removed him from our home which gave me time to have forced no contact. The no contact changed everything! It gave me time to have clarity and see the reality of my situation! He was allowed to move home and then removed again. He never came back. Letting go of who I hoped he could be was hard but now I am so grateful he is gone! Every day is a gift! Life is so good!!!

    We are going through the court stuff but even in that, it's way better than living with him! I have a restraining order now so we are only able to talk about the kids. He stopped driving by my house every night! That's good! I don't feel like I'm constantly holding my breath. I can live. It's amazing. I've made it to the other side of this mess and I am free!

    The money stuff will come together at some point… even if I end up living in my camper, that is better than life before! I'm so grateful for today! Thank you for your videos! You, Dad Surviving Divorce, Angie, and Surviving to Thriving have helped so much! Thank you! Hearing my experiences coming from someone else helps validate how I was feeling!!!! Thank you!

  8. Wouldn't you say its when words, actions and behaviors from significant other do not match up and it keeps your head spinning? So ur mind is always in battle. Saying well, surely they LOVE me cause they do this, that and the other that says so……. then them doing the most bone head, dick head move (behavior) that seems to PROVE they don't love you….. it's not just u have to reason a few things out. Seems ur mind is in constant reasoning…… it NEVER stops. the constant reasoning causes the brain damage with the highs and lows of the relationship combined.

  9. In the end the N always paints the victim as crazy and because of the cognitive dissodence the victim believes that they are. Mine runs around telling everyone in a psycho so when I talk or see these people I pretend to be crazy and psychotic just to fuck with them. look at them and shake my mouth "Boogie Boogie Boogie lol".

  10. David, I've got a request: can you do a video about how the narc forces you to walk on eggshells. Thanks!

  11. Finally a clear, simple explanation ! For me this ability of explaining is real intelligence! Thank you!

  12. Such a great details of interpretation, David! I appreciate your knowledge & clear cognition about narcissists. 😉

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