National Lampoon Lemmings 1973 – Full Video


Recorded for HBO, who decided to not air it.

Cast: John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Rhonda Coullet, Christopher Guest, Paul Jacobs. Performers featured in previous and later performances of Lemmings included Garry Goodrow, Mary-Jennifer Mitchell, Alice Playten, Nate Herman, Bob Hoban, Peter Elbling, Archie Hahn, and Zal Yanovsky.

Writers: Tony Hendra, Sean Kelly, David Axlerod, and the cast. Uncredited writers include Anne Beatts, Henry Beard, John Boni, Doug Kenney, P. J. O’Rourke, and Harold Ramis.

The entire show was heavily inspired by pieces Michael O’Donoghue wrote for the National Lampoon magazine, but, due to his many conflicts with those who were writing Lemmings, he was left uncredited.

Lemming Migration
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  1. Most of this is unfunny.
    The drug "humor" must have seemed risque at the time,
    but there are hardly any laugh lines,
    it's like they thought just talking about drugs was funny enough.
    (For funny drug material, see Cheech and Chong).
    The musical set pieces are overlong and pointless.
    These guys needed a top flight writing staff, which they got on SNL.

  2. The opening song brilliantly blends the instrumental groove from Eric Burdon's "Monterey" with a spot-on vocal parody of CS&N,  and then Christopher Guest follows it with his savage sendup of Bob Dylan. Just brutally funny.

  3. I was there… at the Village Gate, 1973. I was 13. Thank you NatLamp, for warping my brain forever… :)

  4. Just watched Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon today which hipped me to this production. It's ALL here! SNL completely co-opted the goods. Nigel Tuffnel and Spinal Tap were years away but Christopher Guest is incredible even here. And no, there is now and never will be a "resurgence" of this type of comedy.

    What a TREASURE. to discover.What satire! The Lampoon is gone as are some of the greats of this time, but thanks to COMEDY ARCHIVES for posting. So bitter sweet.

  5. Man, this was 2 years before Saturday night live. After all John Belushi and Chevy Chase were part of the National Lampoon Radio Hour.

  6. I like how the credits spell Chevy Chase's name wrong. Chevey. Heh. Or maybe he spelled it that way in the old days before SNL? Anyway, a lot of great young talent on that stage.

  7. LOL, who write distuff? Hilariously unconventional. This kind of impromptu comedy has had a reemergence in recent years.

  8. Тоже про постановку подумал..
    Бывает много леммингов иногда…. но стаями они не бегают

  9. Чертов Дисней. Это все постановка. Эти дауны гнали бедных леммингов сами, чтобы снять фильм. Никакой миграции леммингов не существует, ибо сами лемминги живут по одиночке.

  10. Isn't that the disney white wilderness bullshit that Lemmings would jump off cliffs? Bullshit.

  11. Well, considering your profile title, your faith in science, and your poor and vulgar grammer, I deduce that you are merely one of the many who suffer from the infliction of, "ignorance"…

  12. This film clip is decades old now, there have been a dozen research papers on lemming migration since that time to establish their migration habits in more scientific terms.

    I love how you question modern science with a masonic profile picture and a viewing history containing shit about Atlantis.

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