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An Earthbound fangame made in RPGMaker that fills the gap between Mother and Earthbound! Let’s check out Mother Cognitive Dissonance.



Cognitive Dissonance - Negative Thinking, Wrong Perspectives and False Expectations.

Narcissistic abuse leaves you confused hurting and broken. The battle continues when you go no contact within your own mind as you struggle to regain harmony from cognitive dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance occurs from the constant repetitive contradictions and hypocrisy that is common in abusive relationships. As a result cognitive dissonance leaves you Confused as to who you even are. You struggle within yourself to know if you are good or bad right or wrong.
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  1. NOTE: Oopsie on my part, the yetee enemy I showed is from Mother 3. Haven't played that game in 6 years so my memory of the game was fuzzy, so it was a poor example of "original enemies" OOPS LOL

  2. It absolutely is "Geeg". The Japanese pronounciation is "Gee-gu" which would localize literally as "Geeg".

  3. 1:28 what is the name of the game he is showing here, i have been trying to recall the name of this game for years now.

  4. Grind tip on PC RPGs : Load up a youtube playlist or podcast/audiobook on phone, and just listen and half pay attention to the game itself, just grinding and healing when needed.

  5. Mother 4
    Mother/Earthbound Biginnings/ Earthbound Zero
    Mother: Cognitive Dissonance
    Earthbound/Mother 2
    Earthbound: Halloween Hack
    Mother 3

  6. I think it's geeg too, because that's how toby fox says it, (as seen as the enemy giegue league in his EB halloween hack) because I ALWAYS follow the POPULAR person.

  7. Currently overcoming family abuse. Feeling singled out, the scapegoat/black sheep. All good. Tough to come to terms at 40

  8. I m confused n need ur help.. I hv seen so mny videos of urs n other youtubers.. I told him that he might have NPD n he need help n he should go for therapy.. But he replied very calmly that he is not sick.. He said if i m narc then my colleagues n friends too face this behave n feel that i m narc but no one else have any problem with my behave only u hv problem n u only said this.. Cause u make me n force me to behave violent n abusive… N he said this many times n i started believing it as its my fault that i m not giving him luv that he want n so he behave like this.. Now i have doubt that he is narc or the problem is me… Plz help me.
    He is abusive verbally he many times hurt me, used bad language, pass comments which break my confidence my womanhood, my self esteem, once he be sooo nice n very second moment he is bursting wth anger. Once he soo love n make me feel i m important for him n ver nxt time he disapper, block me no mdg no cal nothing for 2 or 3 months n when he bck he say that he luves me but he cut off as i didnt surrender…

  9. U r absolutely right. Right now i m feeling n diing same.. Trying to find out why he abuse n misbehave with me.. N i feel cause i m not surrender to him n that makes him angry.. N he behave wrong… I blame on myself for his wrong behave.. Thank u so much. Ur video helped me.. His demand r not right n so i refuse.. I m not wrong..

  10. This mantra if you will helped me greatly every time I started a thought process with my narc…."that is no longer my reality" "you are no longer my reality" with every thought of the soon to be ex narc has helped me immensly to move thru these emotions…

  11. So thats why i was in bed for a year in depression in a confused fog. It broke up my last good relationship.

  12. Excellent; – watched ã few of these/your clips now . Very therapeutic! made me Realise añ awful lot; eg Sis is ã covert narcissist & has triangulated my other sibs against Mê,,,(i never even knew what ANY of this torturous crazy crap was beforehand) The picture is VERY clear now :
    I particularly liked the Two glasses of Water Clip ( one pouring into the other – Spot On that one )

  13. Stay in your Heart and you'll have the Wisdom. When you're in Ego, you are controllable

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