Moon Hoax – Wake up Sheeple! (Part 1)


If you want to tell the ‘sheeple’ to wake up, you really need to make sure that your own eyes are open and that you have the critical-thinking skills to evaluate what you see. YouTuber Wakeman449 demonstrates that his own eyes were tightly shut when he made his video:

UPDATE: as of today (15th June ’16) more than three thousand one hundred CT sheep have given Wakeman449’s video a thumbs up.

Utwór pochodzi z nowej płyty zespołu Tune – “Identity” (2014)
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  1. if more people watched videos like these the truth will definitely come out !!! it's so bloody obvious . thank you for the information Bertie keep them coming

  2. Not even moon boots are safe from these idiots. Yes, the lunar over-shoe was used for added protection and visible in all the photos. These fools don't even attempt to do their homework. I'm not sure if they were even brought back to earth. I think the astronauts tossed them out the LEM'S hatch along with the PLSS backpacks and other cabin garbage to reduce weight on lift-off…

  3. Please, where is part 2?? This is excellent!!! I want to see your findings on that shuttle crew death hoax! Please help me and well done!

  4. Thanks Bertie. Some of this stuff is so obvious that I'm starting to wonder if patty doesn't really believe the landings were a fake at all and is just wondering how many people he can con. Yep, they (the believers of the hoax) live amongst us. Doesn't bother me except they're using up our oxygen.

  5. Last year I saw this footage about the suit on a local news program and wondered myself about the bottom of the boot as the image of the footprints are so well known, so naturally felt puzzled. This over boot explanation makes perfect sense to me, I never even knew that was something there wore. I must add I'm not a conspiracy theorists but someone who noticed something different to what we have all been shown for years and needed to know wth it was all about!

  6. Keep up your excellent work in creating these videos. Although, as you say, the conspiracy theorist has already decided what they want the answer to be before they have asked and investigated the question in detail, and are immune to evidence when it is presented, it's always nice for those of us who have a more reasoned and educated view to have the upper hand when it comes to ridiculous, poorly researched assertions.

    Looking forward to more videos 🙂

  7. two points are not mentioned, unfortunately:
    1: how could a stitched leather pimp boot with heals be the right choice to go out into a vacuum? with or without "overboots" mom gave them with if the sand is slippery then …
    2: what kind of cleaning cost 700,000.00 spacedollars, to "rescue" a bit of clothing said to be made for the hardest conditions after some years in a nice museum?

    do you know the playmobil astronauts? they have those "overboots" as well, you missed to add that as proof that i'm dumb and they went there 😀

  8. Another one I've often heard is "how did they get the Moon rover in the lander", when it is easy to find out it was attached to the side, this arrangement is of course also a ludicrous idea, but it's the official ludicrous idea.

  9. Great video! I never saw that claim about the boot before. Glad you picked it up. I've bookmarked your video in case I ever see someone making that claim.

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