Mindless Drones


I despise people who can’t think for themselves. Especially my friends who leave me for someone else who treats them like dirt and lies more than the US government.
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SOUNDSCAPE-Ambient Tones For Mindless Drones EP

Recorded on the morning of March 5, 2011.

01. Lookin’ In The Mirror (God’s Givin’ Me The Eye)
02. Octaves Trembling
03. As Far As The O Can C
04. The Dark Side Of Your Soul
05. Drone Dream

Fuckin youtubes newer time limit still ain’t enough. why we need a time limit is beyond me so fuck you google. lookin in the mirror had to be cut because of this time limit, but its already on my channel so s’all good. take good care of your mainline and stay fucked up children of the world.

Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Cool video. Heres a horrible analogy for the description- If you buy a cake and it flakes that means its a pie and you should return it to the store. There are also cases where you could have bought a perfectly good cake, however overtime cakes can go bad. Idk why I'm using cake as an example but….what I'm getting at is that these things are just bound to happen probably so fight through it and get better friends with cake picking experience.

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