MBTI Cognitive Function Series – Introverted Feeling (Fi) (Long)


This video is about introverted feeling, which is an MBTI Cognitive function that is almost opposite of extraverted feeling. We explore some of its characteristics, its basic function, and how it correlates with Extraverted Thinking. It is the Dominant Function of ISFP and INFP, and it is the auxiliary function of the ESFP and ENFP. (There’s a bit of microphone shifting in audio, so be prepared for some louder moments).

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  1. I think I'm an INTP. I have like no empathy for anyone. The best kind of empathy I can think of is someone who has been abused by another doesn't wish harm on his abuser because he knows what that feels like – wouldn't wish pain on his worst enemies.

  2. I appreciate the observation that it is not the case that introversion is deep and extroversion is shallow. Rather, it is about which attitude allows the user to be more authentically themselves.

  3. To the outside, Fi seems too random, too unpredictable. I clash with almost any dom or aux Fi person I meet, I dont even have to do anything. Their feelings are so easily hurt, or their boundaries so easily overstepped, that one would have to behave like the most polite butler, just to avoid that. It works better with IxTJs and ExTJs because they are usually able to repress it.

  4. Thank you so much. The parts that I understood have helped me so much. I'm an ISFP and have always had a lot of trouble comprehending, not too sure if that if because I am an ISFP or not but the parts I did understand were very helpful, thank you.

  5. I liked the part about how the Fi/Te axis comes together to help Fi doms to realise their vision in the external world. Great video! Thank you 🙂

  6. You look like evil Spock with that beard, i hate to break it to you but you might be evil version of yourself in this universe.

  7. an example I don't force my values on people… I will share if asked but I don't force it on people and I respect others rights to believe what they want even if I don't agree with them

  8. So Fi can in a way respect other beliefs but in an inward way by relating to one self. Fe can do the same but outwardly meaning they blend in with the group by not forcing there values in the group

  9. is it a Fi thing to get super distracted by someone wearing a suit in the kitchen and entertain such serious existential thoughts as: at the end… will there be sandwiches? is it okay if I ask this on my death bed? jokes aside that suit is actually mind boggling. why would someone choose such formal attire in non formal environment? the garment has this certain glow, it's black, that napkin… dress for success and what not, but that's really a bit over the top. I would rather wear informal light cotton shirt, something smart casual and choose something softer hair wise. the overall image is American Psycho esque… it's like this person is going to come up and ask you: "can I cut your throat?" and you're like "umm… tough question. maybe – if it's okay I'm not here when you do it"

  10. thank you so much for explaining this in depth! very helpful to understand a large portion of personality!

  11. Thanks for emphasizing the way Fi and Te need each other to function. To me, they seem to be two sides of the same coin (the same with Fe/Ti, Se/Ni and Si/Ne of course)

  12. Fantastic explanation!!! I think this will really help clear things up for anyone who is stuck trying to determine whether they are XNFP or XNFJ.

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