Lemmings [PC] – Level 1: Just dig!


Level 1 of Classic PC game Lemmings.
Lemmings is a puzzle computer game developed by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) and published by Psygnosis in 1991. Originally developed for PC and Commodore Amiga, Lemmings was one of the most popular computer games of its time, and several gaming magazines gave it some of their highest review scores at the time. Check out our friend channel:

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Played By: RickyC

Lemmings longplay!! All the fun, tricky, taxing and mayhem Levels. I was a bit of a noob on earlier levels but i learn 😀

One or maybe two of the music tracks doesnt play right. one sound channel sounds all scratchy and not nice. Maybe happens on 1/10 levels. Sound also goes out of sync at a point. I found one file had this problem and it was the original so i blame Winuae for causing it D: It goes back in sync after a few levels. This happens somewhere in first half of video.

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  1. Ive been looking for a long time for this <3.

    Im glad I finnaly came across this classic of all classics.

    This Grandfather of all classic games and one of the most highly scored and highly reviewed games in its genre <3 Lemmings forever! <3

  2. I liked this game and I would happily download it on my Ipad if it were available

  3. Thank you so much! I was stuck for year on this level! It seems so obvious now, lol.

  4. Some of the music sounded messed up, this is clearly a different version of Lemmings than the one I grew up playing.

  5. Really fun watching this video. I agree that maybe a new Lemmings videogame should be made either by Rockstar or some other company. They can keep the graphics the same or similar like this since they work the best and maybe introduce some new mecanics and tools to the gameplay and I notice that maybe co-op could be used or ways to complete. I can see the game doing pretty well and fairly accessible but still hard/tricky to master.

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