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Next-Generation Drones Will Save New York City’s Infrastructure
A company called Skycatch is programming drones to direct unmanned earthmovers from the air: the mindless leading the mindless. On an ordinary U.S. construction site, that technique would run afoul of union rules and regulations, but after a …
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Photograph by Sam Kaplan for Fortune; Styling by Brian Byrne
It has seen some of the nation’s foremost capitalists accused of promoting an “immoral,” “freedom-robbing,” “socialist agenda,” aimed at turning America’s children into “mindless drones for the corporate salt mines.” Along the way it has reinforced the …
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Drone Nearly Hits Skier During World Cup In Italy
VIENNA — The international ski federation is banning camera drones from its World Cup races after one of the flying objects crashed and nearly hit Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher during a slalom in Italy. FIS will prohibit drones “as long as I am …
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