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The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy
In the Northern hemisphere’s sky, hovering above the Milky Way, there are two constellations—Cygnus the swan, her wings outstretched in full flight, and Lyra, the harp that accompanied poetry in ancient Greece, from which we take our word “lyric …
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Nextpert: Managers’ expectations, respect are key
The same goes for the workplace. When employees are given more positive attention, feedback and learning opportunities they excel. The opposite is also true: Employees who feel like mindless drones will perform that way. Employees who believe they are …
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Boston’s #RenoirSucksAtPainting Protesters Say Exhibiting the Impressionist Is
Even when Renoir was alive critics accused him of portraying “cloyingly” mindless and “simpering” girls. I remember this from at least 25 years ago, because the reviews of Renoir in his time … Is he even aware that not all diabetics are overweight …
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