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SolarCity And The Running Of The Lemmings
That is a lemming, the small rodent known for committing suicide in droves and its massive population swings. Considering the recent price drop in SCTY stock (down 54% YTD), it's an apt metaphor. However, I believe the selloff is driven by misguided …
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Like Lemmings Off A Cliff, Agencies Glom Onto Snapchat
Remember Second Life? How about Diaspora? How about Pownce? Or, more recently, Ello? Each one of these social networks were supposed to be the next big thing and like every next big thing every agency on the planet jumped on board as, well, each …
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Liddick: Off the cliff with climate lemmings (column)
Now we know what the global-warming lemmings do when their predictions of immanent disaster, destruction and death caused by naughty developed countries using more than our fair share of resources don't materialize. They change both the timeline for …
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