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DNR creates snowy owl webpage
Experts say they don’t fully understand what causes irruptions, but believe the birds may be looking for lemmings. While seeing a snowy owl can be a rare treat, the DNR says it’s important to be careful not to disturb the birds. “Though the reasons are …

Exclusive: Interview with a lemming
“But we’re lemmings! Lemmings always see the worst thing that could possibly happen and then feel like it’s already happening. If that’s true, why shouldn’t we all just jump off a cliff? So we’re very afraid, pretty much all the time. And that drives …
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Bus lane camera fine fury – just four in Cambridge raked in £700000 snaring
“Drivers are not chucking themselves like lemmings onto bus lanes. Councils are using these cameras as a cash cow.” Cambridgeshire County Council transport chiefs introduced the £180,000 cameras in November last year on Newmarket Road, Elizabeth …
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