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Snowy owls are visiting us early from the north
There can also be early heavy snows in the Arctic that will seal off the lemmings — you know, the small rodents on which these birds feed — to a significant degree.” This might be what's happened this year, Weidensaul says. So far, a small number of …
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Northern bog lemmings at cliff's edge?
Many may not know the northern bog lemming lives in Southeast Alaska —but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering the rarely seen mammal's status as endangered across the United States and is asking for relevant information from the public …
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Snowy owls coming to Minnesota earlier and more often
Campbell said Project Snowstorm researchers observed lemming populations fluctuating. "There was a massive explosion in lemming numbers a few years ago," she said, explaining the ecosystem has yet to level out. Campbell said researchers are enjoying …
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