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Economy, Regs, & Taxes Rubio Is Right About Wages
While we dissuade people from honest blue-collar work, we push them towards an education designed to transform them into leftist lemmings, with massive student debt to boot. Rubio’s observation that America could use fewer philosophers clearly hints at …
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Legalizing Weed: 4 Noteworthy Quotes from Jack Herer, Godfather of Pot
“Our leaders are acting like lemmings. I want them to legalize hemp and start cleaning up our planet right now. I don’t want to wait 20 or 50 years for something to be done about petrochemical pollution. And they have to let the people in jail for drug …
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Manitoba wildlife refuge sees spike in starving, injured snowy owls
With more competition for the same prey — namely Arctic lemmings, a dietary staple for the birds — it could be the case that some snowy owls are being driven to starvation or further south in search of food. “Unfortunately, by the time they get down …

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