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The making of: Grand Theft Auto
Mike Dailly – DMA’s first employee after the company was formed by David Jones in 1989 – had worked on breakout hit Lemmings in 1991, and its success had raised the Dundee-based outfit’s profile to global level. They began working on several titles …
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5 Skills You Must Develop to Succeed in Business
In a world of indistinguishable online lemmings, those who strive to remain unique individuals will have a big advantage. Instead of hiding behind your social media avatar and personal brand, have the courage to be your genuine self. Forget your social …
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Who should cover cost of #MillionStudentMarch demands? Organizer explains
ReclaimCT RT @YDP: The university system is run by leftists and now their leftist lemmings are having a tantrum. It’s funny to watch. #MillionStudent… 13 mins ago • reply • retweet • favorite · KC_Pnut profile · KC_Pnut RT @theblaze: U.S. Marine tells …
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Lampoon displays aptitude of alumni
The rag also gave a boost to a radio show and a touring stage company (The Lemmings) and movies, which introduced the world to Christopher Guest, Kevin Bacon, John Belushi, Meat Loaf (who was Belushi’s understudy), Gilda Radner, “Don’t Cry Out …
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