IQ Increase – Improve Cognitive Processing With Brainwave Entrainment – Intelligence Booster


IQ Increase - Improve Cognitive Processing With Brainwave Entrainment - Intelligence Booster


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IQ Increase – Improve Cognitive Processing With Brainwave Entrainment (Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones) – Intelligence Booster

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This meditation music features embedded isochronic tones / binaural beats, and has been carefully formulated to help provide a solid foundation to your meditation practice. The article below will explain in detail how meditating consistently can not only lead to a significant IQ increase and boost in overall intelligence, but also reduce stress and improve mood.

The audio cycles through a range of alpha waves (8-11hz) during the first 30 minutes. The cycle then repeats one more time.



➊ Beneficial Brainwave Patterns

Meditation results in beneficial brainwave patterns, one of which is the alpha frequency, which administered in this particular brainwave entrainment audio so that you can not only reach that state a lot quicker, but also reach deeper levels of meditation than you’ve ever experienced before. Sustained use of alpha waves can lead to enhanced creativity and an increase in cognitive functioning.

➋ Whole Brain Thinking

Meditation activates both hemispheres of the brain, allowing enhanced neural communication between the two, which results in greater cognition and processing power. When the logical left hemisphere of your brain is communicating efficiently with the right ‘creative’ hemisphere, problem solving becomes effortless and concentration multiplies.

➌ Meditation Increases Brain Size

By taking advantage of the brain’s ‘neuroplasticity’, researchers from the University of Wisconsin found that meditation increases the size of certain brain regions while also increasing the density of neural networks.

➍ Long & Short Term Memory

Meditation dramatically improves both long and short term memory, which is a major aspect of intelligence and IQ. The hippocampus and frontal lobe have both been shown to feature a significant increase in activity during meditation. By stimulating these areas, both long and short term memory increases, making your job and academic life that much easier.

➎ Emotional Intelligence

While at times we cannot control certain unfavourable external circumstances, we can certainly control out reactions to them. Many people are held prisoner by their emotional reactions, but meditation teaches you to objectify them to a certain extent, allowing you to work them through in a calm and thoughtful manner.



In a recent study published by Consciousness and Cognition, it has been shown that only four days of meditation training for a minimum of 20 minutes each day improves not just mood and stress levels, but also significantly boosts cognitive processing efficiency, namely long term memory retention and sustained attention. (Note: while you can notice results in less than a week, the real benefits of meditation reveal themselves after sustained, long term practice.)


Fourty-nine volunteers were involved in the experiment. Half were assigned to a 4 day meditation training schedule, while the remaining half were assigned for an equal amount of time to listening to a book reading of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Prior to the experiment, the subjects were given a number of psychological tests assessing mood, memory, visual attention span, attention processing, and concentration. This allowed the researchers to determine if any improvements in cognition or mood were either the result of meditation or simply hearing a story.


While both the meditation and reading groups noticed an improvement in mood after 4 days, only the meditation group significantly improved in terms of cognitive processing. The meditation group scored TEN TIMES BETTER on memory tasks – an important aspect of intelligence. They also averaged around ten successive correct answers, while the listening group averaged only one.

Unlike the reading task, the meditation task boosted attentive focus and concentration, and the efficiency of ‘executive processes’ – the ability to maintain focus without being distracted and straying from a train-of-thought.
The meditation group also experienced an increase in short and long term memory retrieval.
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  1. What is the new age composition under the tones? I used to have that in CASSETTE in the 80s/early 90s. Is it Steven Halpern?

    1) Our brain always wants to try new things. Keep focusing on solving weird and new problems.
    2) Daily exercise of Math.
    3) Try to Learn new languages. I try to learn "Tagalog"(Filipino) and little bit of "Spanish".
    4) Do Daily exercise of memorizing things, once skilled in first one then try for little harder and keep going.
    5) Massage with oil on head before you sleep.
    6) Eat salmon and walnuts.
    7) Soak almond in water over night and eat in morning daily.
    8) In vegetables eat "Broccoli"
    9) Drink "beer" once in Month. (Alcohol is also effective) Do not consume too much, never addict to it.
    10) Do not smoke, or chew tobacco it will damage neurons.
    11) Do not over masturbate. (The process of masturbation increases risk of wasting enzymes needed for brain development) 3 times in Month would better, but try to control.
    12) Plan for picnic or trekking once in week to the place that you have never seen before.
    13) Keep discussing with experts (or with teachers if you are student) in your field.
    14) Do not spend more than 2 hrs in day on any social media. Try to stay away from mobile and computer as much as you can. Why? electric field and radiation of devices interfere with your magnetic field "Aura", which directly affect your mental and physical health.
    15) Physical exercises are also important. Do as per your capability.
    16) Drink plenty of water in day.

    Very very important exercises:
    1) Learn and follow "Trataka Yoga" (try 10 seconds for first few days and gradually increase up to 1 minute) its a type of meditation to increase concentration and maintain health of eyes.
    2) Learn and follow "KapaalBhati Yoga" very effective meditation to increase "Oxygen intake and blood circulation to brain", by doing it you will feel amazing and fresh.
    3) Before sleeping pray to god and sleep by hearing "guided meditation for relaxation". Do not hear "music" or just "musical meditation". Above video can send wrong signals or can damage signals receiving to brain in Night. I am not blaming on them. But you can hear it in day.

    This is my routine and it's been 8 months I have done much more growth than my expectation. Trust me it is so easy…. and once you found it is so easy and effective you will be addicted to this routine.

  3. I love this harmonious music and these sounds…. The beautiful landscapes too… Good continuation ! These climbing lights aren't snow, but orbs !

  4. I thought that this would be one of those songs that would work for most people but not for me, suprisingly the first seconds I heard of this made me calm and relaxed I was into it straight away, thanks alot for posting this.

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  7. this improve intelligence because you get less stress and you have more control over your life.
    you realize what you are and what you can't do. then you need to learn self-acceptance. that is also part of intelligence. just this music won't help u realize who you are, you need time to become emotionally aware of yourself and all your thoughts. then some people take path of
    long training and trying to improve focus and calm mind completely.

    I recommend you stop thinking of sex and easy pleasure. You need to deserve food and easy pleasure. You need to appreciate life. Deserve is a bit of working, but if other people people get frustrated, then you tell them stop acting like you are smart ass and know what's best for everyone. or you can ignore i don't know. then u say "fak u m8"

  8. Am I doing it wrong? It's making me sleepy. PS I did fell asleep xD I guess I'm too stupid for the boost. It's nice music tho

  9. This was honestly beyond beautiful. I had vivid visuals of the aqua ocean waves whilst sitting on pillars of hot sand, my body felt warm and it felt like I was actually there. This is wonderful

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