ARE YOU AN INTROVERT? Signs and Traits of Introversion and How To Be Better Socially


Are you trying to figure out if you’re an introvert? In this video, you are presented with many signs and traits of most introverts so you can classify your personality (if needed) to be more self-aware.

Have you ever heard the term ‘introvert’ and wondered what it meant, or maybe you’ve been curious as to whether or not someone else might be an introvert? This may be a hard question to answer – after all, a majority of people tend to play different roles in their personal, social, business, and intimate lives.

Who we are around people can change frequently, depending on the situation and who is involved; we can be the loud, excitable business person around our co-workers, or quiet and shy around someone who has our affections.

Introversion is not a negative trait, and it’s important to realize that; although developing social skills involves practice.

When thinking about whether or not you (or someone you know) is an introvert, begin by asking yourself these questions:

Do you often feel shy or nervous around most people?

Do you feel that you would rather stay home and play a fun video game or read an interesting book, than go to a social event or interact with other individuals?

Do you prefer working alone, or find that you don’t mind if you spend most of your time by yourself?

Do you often feel the need to ‘get away’ from others, and find solitude on your own? If so, you might be an introvert.

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