INFP Personality Development & Differences In Cognitive Functions


What does INFP Personality Devlopment look like and how can INFPs develop differently? What happens if they begin to tap into the other cognitive functions and how does that impact them?



Hey! My name is Erik Thor and I recently started my own independent website exploring personality psychology, flow and neuroscience.


I practice a mix of jungian typology and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Theory. I am strongly influenced by Neojungian Typology It’s typology, but based on neuroscience and psychology.
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  1. I took a cognitive function test, which showed how much I use ALL the functions. So my introverted feeling was deemed "excellent," my extraverted intuition was deemed "good," my introverted sensing was deemed "average," and my extraverted thinking was deemed "limited." That's the short INFP stack. BUT there are four other functions, and I use them! My introverted intuition was deemed "excellent," my extraverted feeling was deemed "good," my introverted thinking was deemed "limited," and my extraverted sensing was deemed more "limited" than introverted thinking (but not as limited as "extraverted thinking). Now, I have not been particularly aware of using these other functions, so it looks like I'm an INFP with an INFJ shadow personality.

  2. Great video were all different there are 7billion of us. I'm a cross between yellow and blue. I do use Ti alot to understand everything

  3. Damn, dude….. this is accurate. I can't tell you how many times I've exploded on people who made me mad, even if its over something small and insignificant

  4. I am an INFP, enneagram 9, so I am the yellow one, I can move to the green and blue easily but I think I lack the red one, I am not in touch with my heart, I still don´t know what I really like. You help me so much.

  5. Thanks ! I love how you are saying your dominant and auxiliary functions are competent in achieving what you want. So many people in MBTI have the misconception of developing your inferior functions and feeling types becoming more logical. You explain it well here to say Fi Ne is enough and it works far better than Si, Ti, Ni and Te for you

  6. Hello Erik 😀

    I watched quite many infp desciption and compare&contrast videos from many channels including yours and got so confused, deperately wanting to learn more. I emailed you as well. This video answers my all my questions and finally I understand. I feel like a spirit who sees the light at the end.

    Thank you so much for your reply and the video.

  7. I was in rival state for a while and am now moving to either blue or yellow (not sure which). This video was helpful and I'll listen to it again. So glad to see this.

  8. Hi Erik, do you do sessions to help type people? No matter how much I research this I still feel like I'm in between INFJ and INFP. As soon as I think for sure I'm INFJ and I watch these videos and relate to it so much…it's really frustrating! I feel like an INFP who uses dominant Ni or an INFJ who uses Fi?? I feel like as an INFJ you might be able to help, if you offer this service? Thanks!

  9. Wow man, every single type you mentioned fits me (from time to time but very frequently). I seem to be all the types (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue). Is that normal?

  10. I truly have a lot to work with…My high school studies in natural science (worst choice ever) make me so easily fall into the ESTJ kind of INFP, obsessing over schedules, lists, rules etc. Except for this I find myself being heavily into the blue INFP and partly into the yellow INFP, both in a rather unhealthy way. I really appreciate that you explained not only the problems this causes, but also how to work with them and how to develop and get healthier. Thanks alot!

  11. It seems to me, based on your explanation and your graphics, that the INFP (and all types presumably) in order to maintain health moves cyclically from yellow to green to blue to red to yellow again. Freedom from the trap/vice of the Inferior of each subtype lies in the next phase.

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