Improving thinking skills in schizophrenia – cognitive remediation


ECNP Talk of the Month – December 2012 by Til Wykes
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  1. Those who are in touch with reality obviously see reality for what it truly is. Thus they know how it works, and how to create it.

    Those who say that they are in touch with reality, yet do not know how it works and how to create it, each are living in a delusional state of mind. In turn, they see only a small portion of reality itself, yet they call it "Reality", meaning they define a mere portion, as being a complete. As a result of their limited view of reality, they are unaware of the fact that reality has both an inside and an outside. Events occurring within a brain may be governed from either the inside or the outside.

    At this time, only 1% of the Earth's population are connected to both sides. Sadly, those on the other side viciously toy with the minds of this 1%.

  2. i have no problems with cognition i have problems will the truth…. i get so caught up in false narratives that it really hurts me dealing with people

    i have sschizophrena and i have problems with the truth being online has made my schizophrenia worse

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