How to Persuade Anyone – The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger


How to Persuade Anyone – The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger
If you want to learn how to Persuade people, then you must learn the 25 Cognitive Biases. Not all these biases work on everyone, and some biases will affect you more than others. What makes people make a decision depends on how many of these biases get activated at the same time. So not only will you learn how to persuade people, but this video will help to prevent you from getting scammed or making impulse decisions that you will later regret.

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  2. I don't understand the reward/punishment tendency and i'm having trouble locating information about it on Google.

  3. It's unreal how true these are. I've seen tons of evidence in people's behavior that shows this is true

  4. I will not choose any. I'll decide that by choosing is following yet another maipulative command and therefor since choice is inevitable to some degree, I choose to soak in the knowledge presented and if I run into another video of yours I like, I just may subscribe. 🙂 But don't hold your breath. I'm pretty choosey 😉

  5. No. 5 is wrong. You go higher & settle on a lower. You can't go small get rejected then go higher. Now give me my mthr fkn time machine so I can get wasted time back asshole!

  6. I loved it! I was laughing my ass off at the end. And yeah, I subscribed. And I'm not sorry! LOLOL

  7. Great video. I have a nitpick on Hitler though: you say "reduced crime", but how do we take into account the violent and prejudiced behaviours within National Socialism? It seems they reduced crime in a similar way to Saudi Arabia: just committing the crimes themselves. They basically recategorised their own crimes as government actions so it's ok. I prefer the crime reduction in Scotland or Scandinavia, where it came about through cleaning up the streets in the first instance and supporting the criminals, encouraging them to be better people in the second instance.

  8. SO nicely asked to subscribe that i just have to press the button 🙂 Good channel too, you speak in nice calm way.

  9. dude if this video is the result of watching Charlie Munger's 25 Cognitive full video you should feel ashamed!

  10. .
    1. reward/punishment tendency
    2. liking/loving tendency
    3. disliking/hating tendency
    4. doubt avoidance tendency
    5. inconsistency avoidance tendency
    6. curiosity tendency
    7. kantian fairness tendency (treat others the way you expect to be treated)
    8. envy/jealous tendency
    9. reciprocation tendency
    10. influence from mere association tendency
    11. simple pain psychological denial tendency
    12. excessive self regard tendency
    13. over optimism tendency
    14. deprival super-reaction tendency
    15. social proof tendency
    16. contrast mis-reaction tendency
    17. stress-influence tendency
    18. availability mis-weighing tendency
    19. use it or lose it tendency
    20. drug mis-influence tendency
    21. senescence mis-influence tendency
    22. authority mis-influence tendency
    23. twaddle tendency
    24. reason respecting tendency
    25. loolapalooza tendency.

  11. Reduced crime rates in Germany…hmmm. I sincerely think you did not mean it in this way, but that point is rather contentious. I would argue that he increased it by millions & spread crime rates across several countries. Remember there were murder trials involved. Too bad he didn't extend his care to people, as he did to animals. Thank you for sharing the other points, of which I was unaware.

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