How to Balance Your Brain (EXERCISES)



Having an imbalanced brain means that a person is not able to interpret the world holistically. We will either be driven purely by cold logic, or we will be slaves reacting to our emotions. The result on aggregate is that we are living in an imbalanced world where the creative, nurturing force is repressed.

There are more people with left brain imbalance than right brain imbalance most likely as a consequence of the education system.

Thought associated with the left hemisphere of the brain includes precise meanings of words, logic, maths and science, whereas creativity, improvisation, artistic and musical thought takes place in the right hemisphere.

When a person has left side imbalance their creative abilities are repressed or dormant and this person will have very little or no creative life. When a person has right side imbalance, then the person will often have blocks related to learning; for example, such a person may drop out of education. Additionally, the right side imbalanced person will have strong faith and will believe in things easily without first conducting their own research. A much smaller percentage of people have imbalances on both the right and left hemispheres of the brain — one example group of which is people with right brained asperger’s syndrome.

Brain imbalances have consequences in terms of personality. A person with a strong left brain imbalance will be a controller-type personality who is drawn to positions of power over others in which he or she may exercise authority. In contrast, a person with right brain dominance is submissive to those who have the controller-type personality. This kind of person will also be lacking in self-belief and as a consequence may generally fail to attain life goals.

This video proposes techniques for balancing the two hemispheres of the brain so that higher level, holistic thinking is made possible. In my understanding, balancing the brain and developing one’s weak side is what it means to be on a path of growth in life.
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  1. Hey Jade, thank you for sharing your video's… I'm looking for some books about the brain… Do you know some greate books…?
    I want to dive deeper about how to balance the brain function… Behavoirs, emotions/feelings, the right and left side of the brain, the pineal gland…
    My kindest gregards from the Netherlands big hug and kisses

  2. if a person mind is thinks using both kind of activites like bunny and chamelon thing what does you call

  3. as I am sure you know, this is total nonsense. we are using 100% of our brains; it is just that some people have different tendencies due to a different upbringing. if you are right handed by definition your left half side of the brain will be larger just because of your physiology. you cannot change your brain structure just by following these exercises. if you really want to, try becoming ambidextrous (this has been proven to screw up your brain function, by the way).

  4. Astrology = Bullshit
    Numerology = Bullshit
    Meditation = that one is actually good. Speaking of which have you thought of making ASMR videos, you know for meditation?

  5. Astrology is bullshit, but you get my like because I love your accent and how you look. 🙂

  6. +Jade Joddle – If you scramble the causality of those imbalances, I'm a biological apparatus which produces logic out of caffeine and nicotine.

  7. So you are saying that I should believe in superstition even though I know too well how it came to be, how people created it and what are the goals of those people to continue encouraging those false narratives on to others.

    Are you crazy?

    Even in my hallucinate dreams I won't believe in that shit.

  8. I consider myself mostly right-brained because I'm a very visual thinker and I have an affinity for spatial reasoning, but I'm also a complete stoic, so I can't relate to the emotional side. I have a weakness in understanding math, but I got a lot better at it when I learned computer programming. Particularly object oriented programming, where you structure the program (like visualizing a diagram or map) in the most logical way you can. It's the only thing I've done where my right and left brain seem to work in synchronicity.

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