Fr.TEDTalks EP14 – Cognitive Dissonance


In this week’s video, Fr. Ted talks about the phenomenon of Orthodox Christians holding beliefs that are contrary to their faith while not recognizing the fundamental problem with such a mentality.

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  1. I am new to Orthodoxy, coming from the background of Anglicanism. This is a very good video. One of the many reasons why I left Anglicanism, is how "they" have changed.

  2. Fr. Ted, thank you for your videos and the message you are spreading. I have to agree with what you say in this video. This cognitive dissonance is one of the things that confused me so much when I became Orthodox (coming from a devout Protestant background). The lack of knowledge about heresies or teachings that are contrary to what you believe, there needs to be catechism and teaching in the church about these things. I know that as Christians we all do things that we don't want to do, or even things that we know we should not be doing and yet do, but we didn't sign up for the Christian life to remain who we are, we want to change and become more like Christ. It pains me to see this lack of knowledge, this ignorance about some things. I want things to change in the Church, and it's difficult to be patient, to accept people the way they are and pray for them and wait for God to bring about change in their lives. It takes a lot of faith, but we learn empathy when we think how much patience God has with us, how slow we are to change and yet He still loves us and accept us. What a wonderful Saviour we have. May God bless you!

  3. Father Ted, I'm Catholic and I really appreciate your videos. I wish our churches were in full communion again. I'm impressed by the beauty of the orthodox art and architecture, and I'm glad to see they have priests of your caliber. You seem to have a lot in common with our Father Juan who is always challenging us to live up to our Catholic faith.

  4. That was on point Fr Ted. A very sound Catholic teaching. Roman or Orthodox. God bless your ministry. I say Peace be with you from South Africa.

  5. This video is great. I see it everyday. usually they find it easier to change their belief than the behavior.

  6. I came across the concept of cognitive dissonance when I looked at Leon Festinger's book When Prophecy Fails, and I knew instantly that this provided a very useful label for what had happened to me when my involvement in the Charismatic Movement came to an abrupt end in 1990. Cognitive dissonance is the reason why I became Orthodox 16 years later; for 13 years I lived with the "mental turmoil" used in the definition of cognitive dissonance found in the foreword of When Prophecy Fails. Thank you for elaborating on this concept within an Orthodox context. I've never heard anyone else do it before.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! Your channel is great to watch. We live in a community where we don't have weekly sermons by a priest, we have a small mission church where I am the Reader. This reminds us not to take our Orthodox faith for granted. It's hard to always be up against the secular world and it's important to be reminded that we need to live an Orthodox life to show others that there IS a difference. This video really speaks to the importance of humility.

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