Five Secret Network Marketing Tips To Success You May Be Missing

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I want to start by saying all of you out there that have tried and failed in network marketing are
not alone in this industry and it’s OK! Network marketing takes a true entrepreneur to really
understand what this industry will take. That drive, passion and motivation are not enough.
Normally this would be bad news for this industry and a little depressing for someone who has
the right mindset and attitude for this business. So what IS the best way and best kept secrets of
the truly successful in the MLM industry?

Well, it isn’t a secret really. Although it is something a lot of time your upline doesn’t
want to share. The reason they don’t want to share it is usually 1 of 2 reasons:

1.) What they know is not easily duplicated as a team (meaning that they can’t teach
everyone or it is too hard to teach others)

2.) They are afraid that if you know their secret to success that YOU may become more
successful than them.
Generally since TRUE leaders tend not to be that selfish, it is usually the 1st of the two and
here is the problem with teaching duplication. If you only do what everyone else is doing then
you’ll only get what everyone else is getting. A tip in choosing a network marketing opportunity
that is right for you is you need to look at your leaders and your team. Ask yourself: What are
they doing? Are they successful? Is there true motivation? Is there true growth? How fast?
One of the first steps in becoming a truly successful network marketer is that you have to go
above and beyond the average network marketer. This means you need to do the following 5

3.)Work Smarter and Harder: This means you need to put in more hours than the average 7-
10 hours a week. You need to work at your network marketing business EVERY DAY, not just
when you feel like it. If you have a full time job already, treat it like a part time job. SHOW
UP TO WORK! This is a business that requires momentum to happen and that doesn’t happen
without putting in TRUE effort. Also, work smarter. Use your brain, study what is happening in
your group and around you. Do a little research. DON’T be a ‘sheeple” (that is people who think
in flocks- they all think the same).

4.) Learn Your Craft- This might be one of the most important aspects to being successful
in network marketing. Think about this: A doctor doesn’t just become a doctor, they go to
school and study long and grueling hours for 8 to 12 years before learning their craft. Now,
the good news it is with network marketing you shouldn’t have to study 8-12 years to learn the
skills needed, but you still need to learn your trade and learn it well. If you don’t know how to
prospect, learn how to prospect. Practice and get good at it.
Invest Money Into Your Business: Don’t even think about it as an investment into your
business, think of it as an investment into yourself! Whether it be a class on time management
or a seminar to build leadership skills, you need to invest in yourself and the rest really
will come. Network marketing is a BUSINESS, not a hobby. Think of this, would you
invest $ 500 if you could turn it into $ 5000 with a little investment of your time and money?

5.) Never Quit: Well the real question is, how can you succeed at anything if you do quit? Expect
problems to arise because they will happen and stop looking at them as problems and as ways to
improve yourself and your business. Just know that you can always LEARN from those setbacks
and succeed from those failures. If you find solutions instead of analyzing the problem, you will
get so much further.

Learn From Those Who Have What You Want: Basically, get a mentor. Choose a person
who has what you want from this business and absorb the information they have like
a sponge. Look around the top leaders in your company. Ask them how they became
successful. What do they do as a daily routine? What tools did they use to get there? What
are they doing different than the “sheeple” out there? It is very rare that someone just
gets lucky in network marketing. You will find that persistence and a daily commitment
will be something you find in any true leaders vocabulary. And don’t necessarily limit
that to 1 mentor. Find a few who really have qualities or ideas you want to learn.
In conclusion, in order to succeed in the network marketing industry and be a true leader,
you need to consider these 5 network marketing tips to being successful. If you are looking at
network marketing as your chosen path, like any company or career, do your research on the
company and look at the team and leadership within the organization and follow these wealth
secrets and you will be assured success.

Mark Manderville is a professional in personal branding and internet network marketing. Go to
Network Marketing Tips to see what tools have helped to develop and explode his business
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