What is the Sanskrit Effect


What is the Sansktit Effect

A hundred dhoti-clad young men rested cross-legged on the flooring in encountering rows, chatting among themselves. At an indication from their educator the hall went peaceful. Then they started the address. Without pause or mistake, entirely from memory, one side of the space intoned one line of the message, then the opposite of the room responded to with the next line. Bass and also baritone voices filled up the hall with sonorous prosody, every word definitely listened to, their appropriate arms relocating with each other to mark pitch and accent. The effect was hypnotic, old audio reverberating via the area, saturating mind and body. After 20 mins they halted, in unison. It was simply a demonstration. The complete recounting of one of India ´ s most ancient Sanskrit texts, the Shukla Yajurveda, takes six hrs.

I spent many years researching and equating Sanskrit, and came to be captivated by its apparent effect on mind as well as memory. In India’s ancient learning methods textual memorization is common: typical scholars, or pandits, master many different kinds of Sanskrit poetry and also prose messages; as well as the custom holds that specifically memorizing and reciting the old words and expressions, known as rules, boosts both memory and reasoning.

I had likewise discovered that the a lot more Sanskrit I examined as well as translated, the better my spoken memory seemed to come to be. Other trainees and educators frequently said on my capability to specifically duplicate speakers’ very own sentences when asking them concerns in course. Various other translators of Sanskrit informed me of similar cognitive changes. So I was curious: existed in fact a language-specific “Sanskrit impact” as claimed by the custom?

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  1. I think the Se would show how you feel with actions, Te expresses emotions, and the "analytical" has more to do with shadow functions.

  2. Vase Face has the right message and heart, but she is an ENFJ. Also, this girl is an ENFP. sad face

  3. Aw it was so wonderful to hear from you Jhante! I really appreciate you sharing your insights, and as always another great video Kaylia ☺️!

  4. I have great faith in Indian Vedic culture and I am also studying it
    I am reading for this that I can know exactly what my culture is saying
    I will also research the Vedas.
    Jai Shree Ram..


  6. Voltaire, a french philosopher had said "what we europeans are doing in india? We have nothing to give them. The vedas and upanishads are the gift of india to us."

  7. yavat bharatvarshe syat yavad vindhya himachalau yavat ganga ch goda ch tavdev hi samsktrutam……..

  8. SANSKIRIT the language of the UNIVERSE- -CAN COMMUNICATE TO EVERY LIVING soul – try it ! JAI HIND

  9. me hamare hindu dalit bhaiyo ko bhi apni sanskrit ki sikaha ko sikhne ka anurodh karta hoo taki wo log bhi desh me apni sanskriti ka prachar prasar kare

  10. 5 Minutes condolence for those who have disliked this news coverage. Bharat mata ki Jai…. Hindustan jindabaad

  11. Dr Nandini Singh needs to study Samskrt. Her Hindi is terrible-she cant speak it properly.

  12. Sanskrit should be compulsory language for everyone as it benefits individual's cognitive brain functions…!

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