Empathy v Sympathy


General Human Herd “social animal” Nature:
Ego translates reality into perception according to a belief.
In Group thoughts, Group Ego (Culture) perceptions, set relative thesis and antithesis “Good and Evil — Fear and Happy — Values and ethics” parameters of a belief (indoctrination).
When the Ethics is set then on, Personal Ego has no choice but to dance with these two semi-permanent parameters within the boundary (Box) created by Group Ego, when equilibrium is reached guilt is neutralized, This means clear conscious attained!. Where should we get our ethics from is a very legitimate question.

So in that sense the feeling of guilt one feels depends on the way brain parameters are set (indoctrination), whither is George W. Bush sends people children to war to kill other people’s children or the Takfiries who behead people for Willy-nilly to explode his body in a crowd to Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Imam Hussein are all products of the above process.

Fighting with willpower (Jihad in Islam) means that one makes Personal Ego to swim against the group tide, outside the naturally occurring Group Box. Then Ego need to deal with accumulated personal habits, shifting values and possibility of losing rank, lifestyle, finance or loved ones etc. not mention group reprisal or even death. Disassociating oneself from the group helps.

Animal Grouping Tribalism:
“Like the personal egos that enclose our hearts, minds, and spirit, but even more destructive, a group of people can create an illusory boundary around themselves. Combining their individual egos, group members strengthen the illusion of separateness by layering the group identity onto their own or, even worse, substituting the group ego for their own. History offers too many examples of large scale, horrible manifestations of group egoism: rabid nationalism and tribalism, predatory corporatism, and violently zealous religiosity. Every major religion has at times fallen prey to this malignancy, causing abject misery, with the extreme examples ranging from massacres within and by the early Hebrews, to Christian crusades and the Inquisition, to the Hindu-Muslim conflicts of South Asia, to recent harvested and manipulated so called “Islamic terrorism”. Surely God must weep to see such evil committed in the name of religion. Extreme nationalism leads to the carnage of war, dictatorships, and untold suffering. Corporate predators defraud their stakeholders, pollute the Earth, and buy undue influence over governments, all in the name of the corporate good.”

“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
― Charles MacKay

What’s all that mean?
To cut long story short; it’s all chemical shifting and balancing in the mind. Thoughts create chemical and chemicals create thoughts. Either of them could be induced artificially for good or evil.

Now enough of doom and gloom, let’s look at the magic in us.
The ability of dynamic learning and adaptation, repentance.
The mirror neuron system; the mechanism of Automatic Imitation and
Motor Mimicry which promote prosocial attitudes, behavior and empathy contributes to cognitive functioning.
In an essay written for the Edge Foundation in 2009 Ramachandran gave the following explanation of his theory: “… I also speculated that these neurons can not only help simulate other people’s behavior but can be turned ‘inward’—as it were—to create second-order representations or meta-representations of your own earlier brain processes.

Not to confuse A Little truth and Absolute Truth.
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9/11 Drone from NIST

Leaked 9/11 photos and Video shows NYPD Helicopters close to impact #2 and Leaked 9/11 Video shows them filming the towers then where is the photos and film of flight 175?

Why is the FAA REGISTRY Canceling Date of Flight 175 on 09/28/2005 tail number was N612UA?

Leaked 9 11 Video Shot From NYPD Helicopter shows them filming

But this video starts AFTER “Flight 175” hits the south tower.

What happen to BEFORE and DURING?

Why was ALL the Flight 175 photos pulled in the 3,160 file NIST Release?

Why does jumpers magnified 14000% Look like drones?

Why is NYPD Helicopters flying close with 9/11 Drones?

9/11 Flight 175 Still Flying on National News

9/11 NYPD helicopter Right in the face of Flight 175 Caroline Dries

Additional Details
ALL the PHOTO and FILM evidence are ORIGINALLY FROM NIST not YOUTUBE you morons!!

also NIST states that it witholds another 3,370 files (including some input and ALL results files of ANSYS analysis), because “The NIST Director determined that the release of these data might jeopardize public safety” more like cause riots

13 minutes ago
Leaked” meaning “Pissed all over by experts???”

Experts NEED JOBS and CASH and telling the truth will get fired and or killed.

11 minutes ago
Youtube videos can’t be altered?

These are public domain photos and videos which all reviewers have the SAME COPY and thousands
of copies exist if not millions around the globe.

If any PHOTO or Video was altered all the other of millions of COPIES would show this alteration.

5 minutes ago
If you had half a brain, you would ask yourself why am I so quick to buy into crazy conspiracy crap?

This is what I found while searching the NIST releases. NO conspiracy theorist has any idea about any of this issues nor will they ever. Why? Because people are sheeple and are unable to think for themselves. Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive ablilities of their own.

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  1. Empathy is not a choice, i am not even capable of feeling empathy, sympathy whatever the fuck you call it.

  2. We all know giving helps others, whether we volunteer for organizations, offer emotional support to those around us or donate to charities. But studies show that giving is also good for the giver –  boosting physical and mental health.
    Biologically, giving can create a “warm glow,” activating regions in the brain associated with pleasure, connection with other people and trust.

  3. There is a risk involved where empathy is concerned.  You may be in a happy mood when someone you love chooses to share a painful event.  Relating with empathy involves putting yourself in their shoes, which means interrupting your happy state to go inward and call up a similarly sad event so you can better relate to the person.  If you can see the value of pain and are willing to suffer, you will find that your relationship will deepen.  People always remember those who took the time to enter their darkness and sit quietly with them.  It's a requirement of pure love. 
    Peace and Love, Always <3

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