Ego death. Cognitive dissonance and “being” IN our Reality.


Dissonance can be reduced in one of three ways:

Change one or more of the attitudes, behavior, beliefs, etc., to make the relationship between the two elements a consonant one.

When one of the dissonant elements is a behavior, the individual can change or eliminate the behavior.

However, this mode of dissonance reduction frequently presents problems for people, as it is often difficult for people to change well-learned behavioral responses (e.g., giving up smoking).

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Cognitive dissonance

Everyone has his or her own way of defining himself or herself. But what happens when those things we use to define ourselves are challenged? Are we bounded to certain outcomes? Can we change the results just by changing our mindsets? Follow Lauren as she explains how we can set up our own identities in the face of challenges.

Lauren Grimm is from Portland, Oregon. She spent the majority of her adolescence homeschooled which shaped her views of education. She obtained her two Bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Greek and Roman Studies from The University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Thus far, she’s lived in three countries and speaks two languages, English and Mandarin Chinese. She has a fascination for the English language and spends time researching etymology and historical grammar structures. Ms. Grimm currently works as an English teacher in Taipei, and has a passion for English literature, especially poetry and short stories. She motivates her students through her energy and enthusiasm. Literature, she believes, can open minds and give readers access to the deepest thoughts and most amazing experiences of people from another time or place. Literature can change the world through providing an open line of communication between the author and the readers.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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  1. Thankyou Stacy! I got your book and have been reading it! … that girl you are talking about in this video is sooooo me right now. It's interesting because over the past several weeks I have been subconsciously sinking into my reality and not realizing that that is what I was doing… but this puts words to it. This is absolutely so true. Once I realized that I have a right to have my needs met. period. I was able to look at the situation in a new light and recognize it for what it is. It hurts, but that is part of the journey. and I will be ok. <3

  2. Congratulations on your new baby! Best wishes for your son.
    I love your are helping me so much. Much love and peace to you!!

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing. So much love to you…. I’ve just found you and I wanna cry because I feel so understood- I’m definitely buying your book.

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you ……relating to the levels of the depths…..and same time – knowing there is light!! Its when we acknowledge taking one string at a time to unravel the web (like necklace chains getting knotted up) ….anxiety vs processing…….

  5. Thank you for your videos. Can you please increase your volume on the mic? I do audio and sound for a living stuff if you ever need pointers on video builds I can assist.

  6. @Empoweress, I ordered your book today.
    I'm SO greatful to have found you! I'm sorting so much out right now after an intense, perception shifting, year of living with a partner who appears to be a covert narcissist. It has brought out a lot of my own issues I had been ignoring/coping poorly with, and am now attempting to see clearly and process THROUGH them.
    I'm resisting the conventional route of psychotherapy and meds, which others are trying to push me to do. Yes there may be a time and place for that for some, but I feel in my gut that it's not for me.
    I appreciate your "style" as it resonates so much with my way of seeing these things. You just explain it all so clearly.
    Thank you for being here and sharing like you do!

  7. Thank you for this video! I keep returning to it because it's such a gem! I'm working through this same issue at this moment and it's been so helpful to hear you say stay in your own perspective!

  8. Stacy, I just found your channel and am loving it. I I was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy 10 years ago. I also had several heart attacks as a result. I'm so sorry your young son is dealing with this. If you have any questions or want to talk -please reach out. There is so much hope!

  9. And congratulations on your new baby! And I hope your son recovers fully. Lots of love. X

  10. I totally bought your book, love the cover. You are awesome! Thank you for helping so many people and helping me move into my Boldness. Sending love and healing to you and your family!

  11. My son was born 3/1819. I left my abusive boyfriend pregnant and discovered a lot about myself. I had never even heard of an empath or a narcissist and I am in school to be a drug counselor. Well anyway, we owe your channel for both our lives. I was severely depressed and suicidal when I found your channel. You are empowering and made me feel not so alone. Thank you.

  12. Keep sharing!! These videos really resonate with me. I’m amazed. Thank you

  13. Spiritual warfare has escalated recently and many of us who are light bearers or light workers are enduring these attacks more and more. Those who are part of the planetary collective consciousness need to be on guard for our energy as the negative parasites get more desperate lashing out last minute attacks upon us. The dimensional shift is taken place now and will continue which is bringing these negative entities into the physical realm on Gaia. These entities are then finding those who are weak spiritually taking over these individuals physical bodies. Walk-ins, organic portals, and bio-mind transfers of consciousness are the methods being used by these negative entities. Black magic practioners are also using a method that is not known in our present time, but will be defined later in the future and is called, "witch jumping". They aim to take over bodies that are of higher vibrational frequencies in order to try and pass the gate keepers to escape the black hole sun death that awaits them. Gaia has been into her 90 degree pole shift into higher 4D-5D resonance for quite some time now and will be pulling those in her same vibrational frequency field with her. Those who have forgiven all those who have wronged them, asked for forgiveness of all those they have wronged, forgiven themselves for being deceived by this dark world, and asked Source, Yeshua, and Universal Creator for love inside self, and has been helping their brothers and sisters in waking up. Those who have been doing the work, eating healthier, praying, meditating, and not consenting to this present system will be raised with her to higher dimensional planes. You must love yourself and find out who you really are in the universe. As many of us light workers finish our duty in helping humanity with this transition many of us are being harmed greatly by the demons and fallen angels who are using satanic blood rituals to open more portals to this world from the abyss. Stay aware, strong, and never fear for Yeshua walks with you always. Thank you for this. Great video. Nice to see others who know the truth. Peace.

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