The Sheeple are actors.
The Sheeple live in fear.
The Sheeple have no Intelligence.
The Sheeple are hopeless.
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  1. I just got lucky 2 people attacking nom.1 I shot the number 1 and I got the necromancer crap

  2. Charlie manson IS lucifer that the bible has warned all of us about, he trolled everyone so hard that people never noticed or even cared.

  3. "the only thing people see as real is fear" … that's some gangsta shit right there

  4. Truly a civilization can be judged to be on the brink of failure when a man who is willing to be cruel or at least inspire cruelty is speaking a clear and undeniable truth from a jail cell interview room. I know Mr. Manson is currently still paying his debt to society for inspiring a cruel and wrong act, I wonder what his intelligence could have done good if our capitalist society had not drove him MAD….interperate the term MAD how you want.

  5. the sheeple watch tv shows and copy what they do on them. Even though the actors on those show's have claimed they would never act that way in real life!! mostly goes for reality shows…. ALL FAKE!

  6. In my experience, most people who go around calling others "phonies" or "sheeple" are brainless followers themselves. Take the log from your own eye, dipshit!

  7. A fictional (mostly moral) character like Rust Cohle is more palatable than this nutter, even if he makes sense in certain areas, like the general stupidity angle. You can separate the man from the message but his message isn't really cohesive and his deeds make him hard to tolerate.

  8. The TV runs programms ! programms that program you. the sheeple are the ppl that take on and watch these proggramms without thinking for themselves, blindley accepting and making watever there told by the proggram there own opinion……..
    these are ppl that are walking through life asleep ! these ppl are the cows that keep chewing the grass without ever looking up to see if they are on track and to keep an eye out for predators .
    although we cant directly blame these ppl bcz they are essentially victims of mind control , almost everything that goes bad in the world is a direct result of this ignorance theyve been taught to live by…………
    back in the manson days there were alot of sheeple but today plenty more are awake to the facade and its a movement the established media are trying so desperatly to correct as there grip keeps slipping.
    its simple ppl ! or shall i say sheeple….. just dont take information on face value ! assume somone is always trying to fill you with information that does not help your life whatso ever and if alot of your news or proggraming makes you fearfull….stop watching it !

  9. hes right about the bit EVERYTHING HE DOES IS ALWAYS BRAND NEW cos he's never seen day light and not seen the outside so it defo is brand new to him

  10. What he says is true. He happens to also be a wicked man. But truth is truth. I have some hope yet for humanity though.

  11. i don't see the same Manson – some of his songs are awesome – think he has 200 songs . it was his friends who did naughty things -Manson never Killed – the blood is not on his hands – all they would have to do is put a warning label on him as they do on tobacco . is that humor ,sort of?

  12. if the birth information for manson is accurate i have a very good match up to him- better then most people – even a conjunction of Mars -Pluto and sextile of Mars Pluto close orb. guess that's why i watch his Videos … i don't the same manson that most of you seem to see. he seems very wise to me…

  13. He tattooed the nazi swastika in his forehead, so he cant take the Jewish (New) World Order mark of the beast there. Because the Gentiles are like beasts/servants for the Jewry. What a genius!
    We will never capitulate! Hail Hiltler!

  14. We are a Movement which is dedicated to reveal the true machinations and to liberate the planet earth from the negative Forces resp. the negative ETs (Extraterrestrials) and the "Cabal" (the Cabal are various governments, groups among the intelligence agency and the military, some royals families, elitist groups, powerful families and so on) collaborating with them. There are still many other groups and resistance movements which have the same goal and they are trying anything to liberate the earth and the termination of the old regime with the help of the positive ETs.
    These so called Cabal pull the strings in the background and directs the destinies for a very, very long time on earth. They are responsible for so many wars, false flags, injustice, pollution, animal torture, sorrow and pain. Also this society resp. this system in which we live with the ways of thinking, values, precepts, procedures was only created by the negative forces through invented religious dogmas, the financial system, the governments, the military, the mainstream media (TV-news, print media and so on) to control, manipulate, indoctrinate us for their own purpose and benefits.
    They deceive us an illusory liberty and choice which was or is never true liberty. We were never free because we are all slaves, slaves of the regime. We already were born in the slavery and that finally have to become clear to mankind. They certainly are trying to disguise with all means the truth to keep us away of this as much as possible to secure their retention of power. However in the long run they will not succeed.
    You have to free your mind from this "prison of the mind" and learn to see and understand what is really going on behind the scenes resp. behind the familiar reality of everyday life. Because in this way you may realise the truth beyond the illusion and we can raise common and change the world.

  15. its funny to see him project his own issues. i think he doesnt have a lot of control over his mind and he also grew up in and out of jails and is now forever locked away in prison, but he's all about freedom – mental freedom and the governments controlling ways. but back in the day he had total control over the mind's of his family members as he would give them large doses of lsd (yet not dose himself) and then brainwash them. here he talks about mental freedom yet he took away the mental freedom of his members. he's obsessed with people's perception of him and he's obsessed with control. i dont think he's very capable at all of feeling empathy towards other people which is why he relates better to animals than to other humans. he's also a very charismatic, charming man who appears to be intelligent and enlightened. this is what his family members all thought of him but now they realize that he's likely schizophrenic, but defintely narcissistic, sociopathic, and full of shit. its funny that even some of the people watching these videos are sucked into his charming ways, confidence, and psychobabble. he may actually be quite intelligent but he definitely has some personality disorders and thought disorders going on. maybe he does have a deep understanding of life, existence, government, human relations, the mind, etc. but he's for sure an unstable, brainwashing, control freak who feeds on vunerable people who are looking for answers and guidance. charlie's willing to show you the way.

  16. There's no doubt the guy is "out there," but listen to what he says, really listen. Then, take a good, hard look around you and tell me "he's not right. If you're honest with yourself, you won't be able to.

  17. You dum people judge this man by his way of expressing himself, learn how to listen!!!!!

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