Dealing With Cognitive Dissonance In Others And Recognizing It In Yourself




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  1. Remarkably hypocritical, given that Jordan is allied with the con-artist and fraud James Corey Goode, and seems to be in serious denial regarding that fact. Only a child or a stupid fucking moron would believe anything out of Goode’s mouth, yet Jordan is happy to do business with him.

  2. HEY hun. Are you subscribed to the American Intelligence Media channel? If not, yo should be. Betsy and Thomas? Thomas used to work for the NSA…Betsy I'm not sure…check out this latest post regarding the technology of what we call social media. Honestly it's slightly over my head but I think you will dig it. They have a guest on that helped create it. His name is Micheal Mckibben. And if you are unfamiliar with this channel definitely check out the back episode. You will LOVE these two!
    This one is re: the big lie of the internet:
    Watch "The Big Lie" on YouTube

  3. Jordan my friend. You don't really understand cognitive dissonance. It has more to do with the feelings in your
    body become so ugly, so unbearable that you become what you hate just to make the ugly feeling go away.
    It's on one of the slides I put on this video. Check it out lots of understanding in this video you've never been
    exposed to.

  4. CD is a greatly overused term and concept.  What we are dealing with is NOT CD but people just not wanting to know the truth. Period.

  5. Go redpill yourself on the Third Reich, Hitler and World War II. It will explain this whole fucked up corrupt world when you find out the truth about it. Don't let your cognitive dissonance get in the way..

  6. I honestly can't talk to my family about any political topics they have so much cognitive dissonance, their first reaction to new information is easily shoot it down

  7. I have been trying for 10 years, and cannot wake up anyone in my family or even my friends, no one even budging! It's a lonely life as a truther!

  8. I really loved this video, and especially the last couple minutes. I've been seeing a lot of emotion in this past year, and generally it's not that people are wrong, but they don't want to make room for other people's view of what's going on. I grew up thinking I was a complete idiot about everything & it doen't usually surprise me to find when I'm wrong about things. I always thought that was bad, but lots of people seem to assume the opposite, that they're right about everything. Only thing is though, I still assume I am wrong & I feel self conscious about expressing myself, & I'm still afraid of being wrong in front of people; lol it's so vain when I really think about it! It's like I'm experiencing some kind of meta-dissonance or something–anyway I have a lot of my own logical fallacies I need to work out myself! Thanks man this was a very helpful video 😀

  9. I've seen dissonance sway back and forth in conversations. Asking questions while trying to avoid that lock out within myself in fact causes triggering in the other person. Then the anti-dissonance dance begins. If it weren't serious at the time it would be hilarious.

  10. You have done a great job at covering this issue on cognitive dissonance. I have to be very careful and tactful with my family because of their cognitive dissonance. I'm sure there are other people here with the same issue. Thankfully we can have discussions with like minded people who are not effected by the illusion. There is a firewall in some peoples mindset where conspiracy theory is programmed deep into their consciousness perhaps trigger words.
    I can mention a number of programmed words as an example.
    I sent my brother some links which I thought was so obvious with clear examples of discrepancies between an official narrative and what can be seen in photos.
    I'm left sometimes flabbergasted by the reply I receive from my brother. One such comment was stop sending me spam. Recently I was made aware authorities are calling truth channels spam.
    Vaccinations is a topic I have been involved with and been very careful to get my facts right.
    The amount of abuse or trolling you get when questioning some sites who are pushing for mandatory vaccinations, flu jabs etc.
    I have attended meetings where some people from USA came over to Australia with other specialists to present their case and the airing of vaxxed cover up to catastrophe.
    The information of the location of the venue was given a few hours before viewing.
    Other meetings I attended was for fracking and that our local Government did not revoke licenses around areas close to the city which could poison the water supply of a diameter of 250 kilometre.
    Just yesterday my sister visited was going home and my brother and mother were seeing her off I mentioned car or vehicles that run on fossil fuels should not be manufactured and they should be electric. ( footnote there is better technology and battery technology is designed for the purpose of someone making a lot of money.)
    My sister said if it was less expensive I would have electric. I stated there is no reason why it shouldn't be more affordable. My sister said they cannot, I answered they do not want to because it is business for them. You cannot get your point across to them I said wake up.
    There is a mental block in some peoples mindset. Mind control is real and works for some people and yet within my own family I'm been called brainwashed.

  11. Yes you are correct Sir. I had to go though my Awakening before I could tell others compassionately. I don't let my ego get in the way. It took a long time for me to get here but I am talking to younger people so it is interesting to hear their view. I think it is important to here where someone is coming from before telling my truth. Peace

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