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Talk by Matt Johnson for Sarah Richards’s neuroscience summer program through the Boston Leadership Institute, 2014.

Although the talk is entitled “‘Brain reading’ with fMRI and EEG,” of course we got derailed and talked about just about every cognitive neuroscience method under the sun. So we did cover a good amount of fMRI and EEG stuff, but there’s even more that we didn’t quite get to.

A PDF of the entire slideshow (including both what we covered and what we didn’t quite get to) can be downloaded from the following link. (Note: This is an updated link, as the old one stopped working.)

If you enjoy the melodious strains of Matt’s voice, be sure to check out his podcast (with buddy Matt Krause), the Super Science Happy Hour with Matt & Matt.

You might also be interested in MJ’s course Programming for Psychologists — videos available at this YouTube channel (start with Podcast 01 to find links to problem sets and other materials).
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  1. you're so good at explaining complicated things in a basic/clear way! thank you very much, this has helped me a lot with my revision! 🙂

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