Cognitive Neuroscience – Pattern Recognition


This video was made by Bethany Lo for Dr. Scullin’s Cognitive Neuroscience course at Baylor University.

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system with a special focus on the brain. As a multidisciplinary field, neuroscience draws from biology, psychology, chemistry and other areas to develop a thorough understanding of the nervous system and related disorders. From molecules and genes to behavior and motor skills, neuroscience spans the full range of the nervous system.

**Information Correction: In the study by Biederman representing Structural Theory, he took the combinations of geon objects (not the geons themselves) and took out different parts of the line segments to study the rate of object recognition when different parts of the objects were hidden. His results indicate that geons are more important for perception, as the intersections are the important part of the geon and produced a slower and decreased response rate.
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  1. Wow this is so fascinating! Love the stop motion and all the adorable art. You rock, Bethany!

  2. I had no idea that humans are better than computers at pattern recognition. Super interesting!

  3. Loved how you made this. It must have took forever! The template theory reminded me about learning about schemas in child development. 🙂 so interesting!

  4. Hadn't heard of these theories. So cool, and well explained in layman's terms!

  5. This video rocked. I now understand these theories I was getting all confused about. Thanks to you I will definitely ace my neuro quiz!

  6. I wish I would have had this great explanation when I took neuroscience! I don't think I ever really knew much about the Template Theory before watching this but now you've stirred my curiosity in this! I will definitely be doing more research on these thank to your awesome and informative video!!

  7. Both artistic and insightful! You do an excellent job making a complex topic accessible

  8. this video made a complex topic feel approachable//I loved the graphics! So good!!!

  9. Great video! Very impressive graphics. I watched this video and aced my neuroscience exam the next day.

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