Cognitive Functions: Imagining Function Axes: Si/Ne


Cognitive Functions: Imagining Function Axes: Si/Ne

Imagining Function Axes: Si/Ne

Type Test:
Function Test:

A big thanks to our guest writer Mary Arrington, who provided the text for this video.

For twelve years Dr. Maté worked in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with patients challenged by hard-core drug addiction, mental illness and HIV, including at Vancouver’s Supervised Injection Site. With over 20 years of family practice and palliative care experience and extensive knowledge of the latest findings of leading-edge research, Dr. Maté is a sought-after speaker and teacher, regularly addressing health professionals, educators, and lay audiences throughout North America.

With a good understanding of how our cognitive capabilities can be impaired or affected, everyone and especially ALL mothers must watch this to understand first : WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US and then we can UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR CHILDREN.
With this understanding, we can then be more aware of our own behaviours and challenges in our lives and thereafter we can decide if there si a need to seek intervention with the issue we have on hand.

Professor Franz Ruppert has an intervention method for mental, emotional, physical issues that includes addiction and relationship challenges and you can find out more about it from the practitioners who are using his method in your own country :

and if you are in Singapore or Asia, you may contact me.

Warmest Regards,
Christine Foong-Wong
Co-Founder of Rhemaworks International Singapore ( )
Exploration Facilitator & Trainer
Pioneer of Professor Franz Ruppert’s IOPT ( Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Theory) works and training in ASIA

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  1. They're on the same axis though, this video makes it seems like you only use one of them.

  2. are you guys going to release an NJs and SPs (Se/Ni) video soon? 😀 Please do that that'd be awesome!

  3. This metaphor is very clear in my mind. I definitely see Ne/Si axis similar to your metaphor. I wish you would do this for other axes, too.

  4. I check once a week to see if you've done an INTP video yet! when oh when will that be??

  5. Awesome video, I really enjoyed this. My wife is SF and her Ne comes up with some pretty cute eventualities sometimes. It's more than made up for by the fact that you can ask her what she was doing on YYYY-MM-DD and she can tell you within a few seconds. BTW I just took the Celebrity Types Typology Test and loved all the questions, but was a bit frustrated that it didn't tell me which ones I got wrong 🙂

  6. I don't think Si is about categorizing information, that's the job of Ti. The actual job of Si is comfort-seeking and recognizing internal bodily states and what causes them.
    At least that's what Jung says, which is something MBTI never paid attention to.

  7. As we speak, millennials are being isolated and given anti-psychotic medications in medical facilities to control their emotional behavior and gravely damaging them. This is a disguised crime against our youth which is happening every day. Thank you, Dr. Mate, for speaking out against this. You have my full support and admiration. We need more experienced adults like you speaking out against this injustice. God bless you.

  8. Dr. Gabor your work may go unnoticed but your heart and soul is just remarkable . Finally found someone that really cares about and understands human behavior. Your approach is different true to your heart with no hidden agenda. I listen to you before I listen to the very rich pastors thst are worth millions. I’m about to return to a university to study social work and will use your texts as reference . I believe in everything you say cause I and my family experienced most if not all whst you talk about. My brother was sodomized by the priests , sister raped while pregnant by a priest. Brother spent life in prison – prison for profit . Father was an alcoholic and so on . Both my sister and brother are heroin addicts , the brother used only to kill tome in prison and is off 15 days as we speak . Sister shoots heroin and won’t last much longer on this planet. Me I lost my spouse over a yr ago when the doctored severed the wrong artery to his kidney .. he died of a heart attack 4 days later. I had no closure . Listening to you allows me to understand that we all suffer and all thst live must die . Thank you for thinking as an individual and outside the circle.

  9. This is such an insightful talk, now I have language for my trauma – "tuning out". – which is a nature giving capacity for dealing with trauma. Thank you

  10. I profoundly appreciate Mate's information on the problem; lack of emotional atunement and empathic, empowering nurture of children. But, since it is such a widespread deficit that is increasing in our society, there is a huge need to hear more on how to emotionally atune and empathically nurture our young children, our grown children and each other. I am trying to help my father understand why all of his children died young and why I am now very, very sick. I am trying to help him understand how profoundly he could help me heal if only he could want to know me and be emotionally authentic with me…. How just asking me "Honey, how is your heart? Do you want to talk about it?" could soothe my nervous system and help me heal, but I can't find any clear concise instructional information on this in order to help him understand what I need. My prognosis is very poor if I don't get some emotionally authentic care and support. I have watched about 50 of Mate's videos and I can't find anything that goes into enough depth on this. I am dying. Can you help me?

  11. Tell this to the parent who is lovingly breast feeding their child, holding them in a little cuddly blanket and staring into their eyes, dreaming of their wonderful future, and instead of a returned smile, they witness their child's first autistic seizure.

  12. I would love it if he would provide scientific evidence about the efficacy of following our gut feelings. He actually claims that 99% of people… Where is the evidence of this?

  13. Fools who didnt get this great human being to speak for the whole senimar or whatever ….He gives nothing but his mind and experiences and the fact he is an abstract Eckhart Tolle…xx

  14. Hi. I would like to know if you have any recommendations for the mindfulness practices you have mentioned?

  15. Bronfenbrenner has talked about the correlation between feeling safe in the environment and our ability to learn ages ago, aka ecological systems theory (If you work with children, either in education or medicine, I highly recommend looking into this further). However, Dr Gabor Mate states it better and more concrete, providing further evidence to that what educators should had known for ages (since 1940s and throughout the rest of Bronfenbrenners' life) . Dr Gabor Mate ought to be forced upon in every course under the Education major, not just Sociology and Psychology majors. Dr. Gabor Mate is becoming my favorite Education Philosopher, right along with Bronfenbrenner and Montessori. ^_^


  17. In in tears bc now I understand what has been happening within myself..and those around me who have similar experience. Thank you Mr Mate for your wisdom your changing so many liives

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