Cognitive Functions defined by van der Hoop


Cognitive Functions Test:

Text by J.H. van der Hoop, featuring a handful of small edits, mainly for clarity.
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Yes Ti is subjective but it is a marvelous, beautiful function that I am exceedingly grateful for, and I can’t stand for it to be misrepresented intentionally or due to lack of understanding
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  1. These definitions are very vaguely given with secondary attributes messily associated, although some valuable insights are given a well. I think it is a mistake to rely on them as a staple of your typing method as there is no rigour necessitating why they are defined this way, and what specific elements differ between each. Would be good to discuss this further at some point.

  2. Hm, actually really appreciate these definitions. Especially Ti, which seems perfectly in line with how I understand it. Though, I have to say that I also resonate with the "inner harmony" aspect described in Fi.

  3. I don't understand the need to oppose Te and Ti absolutely. Ti NEEDS Te to test the hypotheses, speculations and theories. Testing does not always happen in the head. In fact, for ultimate accuracy, you need to "bounce" these theories with others and refine the glitches and shortcomings of the framework. That process of testing is very much Te.

    There is this over emphasis on INTPs as being "in their heads", but this is only momentary, mostly during teenage years. When Ne/Te kicks in, INTPs can be more proactive in "searching and researching", using the resources/experiences/happenings of the world to add more to their internal framework.

    INTPs who "obsess" and "fetishise" their Ti are the most oblivious, self-centered and INCOMPLETE people you can find around, which is also why they feel "alien" to the world. It is not the nature of INTPs to stop at their 1st function: that is very much unhealthy.

  4. einstein thing getting really old. he is one big anomaly. throw an intp into the world like a 1949564 sided dice and 96 is einstein, 687 is kant, 3857 is curie, rest is trash. because life very rarely require the depth an intp might dive into and bring something valuable back.

    donald trump became the president of united states how? with the most basic tactics that should work only on morons. so basically, with the most basic shit, you can rule the most powerful country in the world. %90 of the times, the shit you study at school is not needed in your actual job. so why even force yourself to understand a given subject to its atoms? i mean i know a ti dom is just so hardwired to do that and they can't help it but the fact is, it isn't neccessary. why even teach maths anymore while everyone has a smart phone with calculator in it? why memorize the capital cities of eastern european countries? you can google any time. you really need nothing other than baseless confidence. because most shit in the world you want attainable if you continously and tenaciously headbutt the blockages in your way. think less, headbutt more.

    BUT your ti dom parent and his relationship with his kid example is not old. ti is so theoritical, ti is unneccessarily complex? well, we are shaping a soul here! your relationship with your kids will affect them more than everything else in the world. like, you would think ti is robotic and distant and shit but with this thoughtful parent example, you are showing how ti can be used in a way… i will say… almost spiritual. going to church and praying and thanking god for food is shit compared to guiding the little human being in the right direction.

    in fact, this can be expanded to all one on one relationships. if the great parent above can maintain such a relationship with their kids, they can do the same thing with their significant other. so there you go, all of a sudden, intp the robot is an empath. but yeah, i can't see how an intp maintaining this level of connection more than 3 people.

    on the other hand, a ti dom can also break their own children by criticizing them, by being brutally honest, by being unneccessarily objective (your kid is not an object) because a true intp will always criticize you. just sometimes, rarely, they care so much about you so they will keep it to themselves. i am saying all this shit but do i believe i can be the great parent above? won't i, sooner or later call that brat an idiot? most probably when he/she is going through teeange angst period, giving me shit, slamming doors, even shouting at me (i did all those things and worse to my parents)? i don't know. even… i don't think so. not me. i am the type of intp who is too explosive to be a good parent but then again (geez) i don't have kids and some say having kids change you. they say, dudes produce a lot less testosterone, they get more loving and shit. yeah.

  5. I have never understood the notion that INTPs will take in info even if it won't be useful. It is clear to me that INTPs are very deep and they realize that all systems are (will eventually become)part of a bigger system. That is very useful down the road. I don't think connections are linear for INTXs.The connections are more compounding and they build up speed with each added piece to the big picture puzzle. Maybe the extremely stereotypical INTP might not value the (abstract) connections between all info,because they are very Ti/Ne dominant and have little value and use for Ni/Te.Likewise for a very dominant INTJ using (almost strictly) Ni/Te,they might be very single minded driven.

    I am only concerned with info that may be useful in the future,but the more I learn the broader the spectrum of acceptance becomes. Yet another great video. I feel like a stalker,I am usually the first to respond to your videos lol. I just spend way to much time on the internet.

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