Cognitive Functions at a Glance


Function arrangements given here according to the Standard Model.

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When listening to such brief descriptions of the functions, remember that such “at a glance” formats can never accurately describe all facets of a given functions.
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Damon Grey goes into MBTI cognitive functions, taking a look at the introverted thinking and how this function plays a role in particular personality types with this cognitive function. Damon is a certified master practitioner in MBTI.

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  1. can you do a video on how the shadow functions effect each type? I'm an INFJ, I'm wondering how Ne works on my psyche.

  2. Can someone help me understand what type do i sound like or might be. I wanna write a paragraph about myself and want someone to just think what type do they think I am READY?: Okay I'm James and basically I'm gonna be honest and just tell you things about myself so I can be very friendly to a lot of people but not all people I like ,there's times that I wanna get up on stage to act out what I have to do in Visual Arts class but then I don't because I'm tired most of the time I do, my close friends would describe me as loyal,weird,funny,and can be a little bit of a show off. I'm also pretty honest about things like letting someone know the truth about things or a situation. I do love my alone time but also love socializing. I usally do not care what people think of me as long as im happy doing my own thing and they are doing theres im fine. I play video games a lot but here and there I go out to skateboard ride,play a sport,or just go to a friends house. Usually people see me as goofy because I love making people laugh but I also can become stubborn, expressive and may say things to hurt someone's feelings without noticing. When a bad situation happens to me I start to feel nervous but I try not to think about it and try to focus on what I'm doing now.I also love drawing because I'm a pretty good artist myself. When speaking to someone I'm very understanding (or at least try to be) on how they're feeling and where they're coming from. I also am that one kid who makes a witty or goofy joke out loud and class and everyone laughs which kinda makes me feel good. I Also love analyzing things and trying to get to understand how it works and what something is or its meaning because I just wanna know.I also love listening to music and singing which I kinda blast my music loud but then I have my moments when I'm on my computer researching quietly and peacefully. Usually I'm social to a lot of people but I only trust my close friends and put most of my attention and energy towards them. I also can have a dark sense of humor sometimes and I can become bored very easily if I do the same thing for too long. I always wanted to b an actor or a firefighter growing up but I'll see where life takes me if I stop procrastinating lol. I wanna also wanna edit that im also very caring towards my family and friends but dont quite show it that much in situations that people tell me to speak in front of the class or share about myself i would sometimes feel uncomfortable and nervous. Whenever i have a pet im very caring towards it and try to be responsible. I tend to be interested in many things as some of my friends call me a bit of a smart ass because i know alot about things that interest me. Whenever someone tries to bully a friend or family of mine even thou i think i shouldnt get involved i do anyway and try to be nice and peaceful about the situation if it gets out of hand i have no problem kicking the persons ass even thou i know i will get in trouble later on. Usually my friends mom sees me as a sweet,caring,weird,funny kid and loves me alot which of course makes me feel good. When i first come to a new school im immediately the most quietest kid in the class or school until i make new friends, usually when i come to a party im the one being introduced by my friends yet i do not mind dancing until i feel fully comfortable. So pls if you took the time to read this what type do you think i am and why?

  3. Really explained it well. I am an INFJ, I use Ti a lot, quite detached from feelings when using Ti. More logical than INTJ but I don't come across that way.

  4. Thank you very much for this amazing, informative video.

    I shared your idea about Ti, and looked for videos that would test the validity of my reasoning.

  5. TPs look at the outside world (Se, Ne) to make decisions in their inside world (Ti) this is good for truly understand things. On the other hand TJs look at their inside world (Si, Ni) to decide about their outside world (Te) this is good to achieve their goals. TPs like to question ideas. TJs like to use ideas. TPs look for universal thruths. TJs look for universal useability. TPs are able to build systems from the ground up to perfection. TJs know how to use systems. TJs are bosses who can handle things. TPs are experts hwo invent things. TPs prefer perfection. TJs prefer efficiency. TPs like the way. TJs like the finish. TPs dont have problems with changing their inner system. TJs dont have problems with changing their outside system. TPs know when an idea is wrong. TJs know when an idea is useless. I could continue forever… they have different motivations and different goals. They can be perfect match or perfect missunderstood enemys. I am an INTP and this was my subjective opinion. This is a highly theoretical topic because everybody can use and develop every cognitive funktion.. I dont care if anyone does not like it. If you want my attention proof me wrong. 😉

  6. This is a horrible format. Please go back to the older more natural one. I'm watching now the Si hour long video and loving it. About 12 minutes left, but I'm more interested in Ti as an INTP so I thought I'd watch this (alarmed at first at the length of this video compared to your other videos).

    Believe it or not, this video is significantly harder to follow than your Si video. I gave up on this video at 2:52

  7. The closest an INTP can get to feeling emotions is the emotions of other people. An INTP might get angry or sad and would start throwing tantrums without even "feeling" the emotions inside himself. (emotions are subconcious)

    *feeling emotion : the ability to, get in touch/resonate/get in tune, with emotions of oneself or others.

    ENFJ and ESFJ personality types are very strongly in touch with emotions of people around them and as such understand these people without even having to be told or shown who(what kind/character or something) these people are.
    Conversely both of these types might be very confused as who they themselves are because their own emotions reside in their subcouncious realm.

    In contrast the infp and isfp types are very in tune with their own emotions and as such have a very sharp understanding of themselves.
    And as for understanding other people these two types try and simulate the situation or action of the person in question , putting themselves, in place of this person and thus try to feel the emotion they have in such situation or when acting that way.
    Now they compare their answer with the actions of this other person and as such try and get to understand them.

    A developed Fi dom has a very clear understanding of what a "human" is and as such has a very profound knowledge of human behaviour and the principles behind the same.
    Whereas a developed Ti has a very clear understanding of what "nature" is and thus may have profound knowledge regarding the principles governing the laws of nature.

  8. I absolutely love the mbtv videos with Damon in them. The way he talks and presents information always seems to make sense to me. I tend to be drawn to ENTJs and INTJs because of how they communicate.

  9. You are getting more and more commercial, it's sort of amusing (not necessarily bad). This video on Ti was pretty spot on. I facepalmed a few times during the video because it described me so well. I've thrown semi–emotional tantrums in class because of teachers who gave ne inconsistent information/models with regards to past lessons lol ever since primary school teachers always doublecheckd seriously when i voiced doubt about their teachings (whereas they just shrugged it off and claimed being right when other students did so). But i generally never complained unless i was sure i was right and wanted it clarified because otherwise it would have screwed up all my past knowledge

  10. This is a really good video. I think you are explaining things in depth that are normally skimmed over and used as catch phrases. A lot of the times people talk about Ti they say they use frameworks but don't talk about how a framework is made or expanded, and they don't talk about how a framework is used to solve problems.

    I know that probably has a lot to do with different types using Ti differently depending on what extent the function is preferred, but this is still very accurate information about what the function looks like in real life. Good jerb.

  11. If you're bad at things INTPs are good at, you're either medically damaged, or you're not an INTP.

  12. Antonia Dodge from personality hacker writes "But woven into the fabric of an INTP mind is a talent for formal logic, and if they pursue the skill they can outclass just about everyone else. It is, after all, what they bring to the ecosystem." The functional stack of the INTP gives him or her this cognitive talent. More times than not, INTPs are the best at this.. call it intelligence of a certain sort if you want.

  13. You don't prefer ENTJ.. you were born it. Its genetic, just like height or skin color. I didn't choose INTP, logic lead me to the truth that I'm an INTP.. MBTI is not strengths finder, nor is it anything other than discovering a genetic marker. Ill just say, a lot of your stuff is great.. especially the functions series. But this is irritating.

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