Cognitive Function Series


Extraverted Thinking (Te) - MBTI Cognitive Function Series

Damon explains the cognitive function Extraverted Thinking (Te) in comparison with its counterpart Introverted Thinking (Ti). Te is a cognitive function in Jungian Psychology and is often paired with Introverted Feeling (Fi).

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  1. what if i were to told you: if Ti is thinking and if Te is also thinking (considering how different those two are) Se also should be thinking? as in, Ti is very logical, very accurate and meticulous while Te is pragmatic, practical and goal oriented so a lot less "true logic" in it? remember that one video where you said Te dom will believe a certain french word spelled this way, just because he/she saw someone spell it that way? what is this closer to? Se or Ti? Ti stops and thinks 1 min, Te stops and thinks 10 secs, Se stops and thinks for 2 secs. this is me questioning foundations of the system, otherwise i know how those three differ from each other "technically", "theoritically" and abstractly if that's a word.

  2. I'm a little confused. I'm an INFP and I've been into computer programming since I was 19 and the thinking functions have been developed much more. The way you describe them feels very…final, unassociated with feeling, which I agree with and makes sense. Perhaps it's due to my integration efforts of the thinking functions, but I look at emotions and feelings as distinct entities, also the internal state as something akin to state machines in computing. The energy in motion on any 2 peoples bodies might be the same, but due to different experiences, the feelings they have about those e-motions, can and usually are different. I have tendency to systematize the human condition over 22 years of being into software design. Going by your description though, how I go about things sounds like a contradiction.

  3. If someone sees an object, say a TV remote and they use it and find out that it's not working for its intended purpose, and they go to fix it is that Te?

  4. Sometimes I find myself having to remind myself that my INTJ sister can't actually turn off her inner art critic XD
    If I ever need a beta reta she might turn out to be a valuable ressource tho

    Interesting perspective/ tidbit with the "intended purpose" distinction. For me it's more like, "Oh, a thing, let's have a look at the thing & maybe in the process usefulness turns up."

    You're correct in that we should all be grateful that the world has both.

  5. Hey man great video. I wanted to know about Te but didn't want feel like Googling it and you did a really good job at explaining it. You've earned a subscribe you should check out my channel as I'm trying to get out there too. (INTP)

  6. If I may ask, why the moniker Damon Grey? Is it more marketable than Chad Crandall? If youve already explained this beforehand I apologize. Great explanation btw, I feel like my understanding of Te is almost on point

  7. Hey Damon, thanks for all your effort and insights. Really appreciate the time you take to make al these.


    also..a side-note/suggestion;
    Have you ever considered using a basic lighting/backdrop setup?
    They're really cheap on ebay.
    google "ebay green screen lighting kit"
    comes with backdrop/stands + lights.
    greenscreen could enable you to control the look behind you.
    … anyway.. just a thought. seeing as youre still working out what works for you in this format.

  8. This was very informative, thank you very much. I'm INFP and my Te needs a lot of work still, this helps me understand it better.

  9. I am confused now.
    I definetely identify with Fi. But in the thinking functions I identify with both.
    I am pretty direct and like to get to the point, but I always question every day's stuff.
    Is it possible to use both in a way?

  10. I feel bad for some of the people here, they're not going to understand what he just said.

  11. I like the new presentation,and the whistling haha.The cuts don't bother too much.Information is concise.Looking forward to Introverted thinking video.Will you be covering loops and how functions affect us differently depending on where it stands on our "stack"? I know it's a difficult subject,but i'm curious.

  12. nice nutshell. it's ok if u painted w/ broad strokes because you included how Te-Fi works.

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