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Every shooter needs this in their life! Accuracy and Speed training become useless if you rely entirely on muscle need to use your brain. In this almost unbelievable display of Analysis, Rationalization and Action (ARA)Instructor Zero decodes commands within milliseconds and engages targets using both muscle memory and what he calls “Brain Process Drills”. Limitless in variation, it is these kinds of drills that every shooter must incorporate in their training to reduce collateral damage and produce desirable outcomes whether in sport, combat or deadly force encounters in every day life.

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Function Test:

Text by Lee Morgan.
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  1. Zero amazing loved it ,but need little bit more balloon targets mixed around and move them around in different angles and positions because people seem to move positions and are spontaneous and sneakey oh moving targets would be a nice challenge just to make it more advance and better skilled

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  3. Truth is, not being able to make the distinction on the job could cost lives. Dark … red .. girl …. pink

  4. Can anyone give me info on weapon (brand,model), sling and glasses he is using here?

  5. Will you guys develop a test on your site that will show which judgment/perception axis people relate to more. I feel like this would be a much more valid way of finding type, especially because of all the new ground you all have made within Jungian typology. Something like your "Caught between types, take this quick test to find out which one you relate to more" kind of thing on the your website.

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