“Cognitive Enhancement” with Martha J. Farah, PhD

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CET (Cognitive Enhancement Therapy) Part One 9-27-11

Presentation on CET to the NAMI and MHA of Lafayette Indiana by Ray Gonzalez of the Center for Cognition and Recovery. There are two parts to this presentation. For more information on CET please visit www.cetcleveland.org and call 216-504-6428. CET is an Evidenced Based Practice as recognized by SAMHSA and is at 15 sites in seven states as of July 2012.
Video Rating: / 5

2 thoughts on ““Cognitive Enhancement” with Martha J. Farah, PhD”

  1. Her voice is shaking… I wonder why? Wow, you actually think people with a sound mind will accept this?! Taking advantage of sick people, horrible.

  2. This is sad, anytime you hear claims that you do about modafidil, it's promising wealth, power,and creativity. At the same time I hear them say that they operate as a machine. The military,not a creative place,kind of a do what your told environment,w brainwashed people. So this is being pushed for a reason, sounds like the perfect drug for corporate robots. It's an attempt almost it seems to turn people into machines, it's depressing,dull grey future. This is kind of ,this is an attempt to create the singularity. No thanks I ll keep my brain, I enjoy being able to think for myself, no this is just ridiculous and fuck this Dave Aspect. I have a decent job, but I don't live there. Good luck people who use this,as the lady says it is dehumanizing. I can proudly say I will never be hooked on the corporate machine smart pills. Notice everything w the word smart b4 it is part of an agenda it has dumbed down society and this is an attempt to create compliant do as your told robot s.

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