Cognitive Dissonance Theory


Cognitive Dissonance is psychological warfare. Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses resulting in our perception, sensation, notion or intuition. Dissonance is the tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements. Thus, Cognitive Dissonance is the mental stress and discomfort that a person experiences when they simultaneously believe and hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values; when faced with performing an action that contradicts one of those beliefs, ideas, or values; or when confronted with new information that contradicts or debunks one or more of the beliefs, ideas, and values that a person holds. In other words, the term refers to the perception of incompatibility of two simultaneous cognitions, which can impact on an individual or group’s attitudes.

Leon Festinger’s 1957 theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how human beings strive for internal consistency. A person who experiences inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and so is motivated to try to reduce the cognitive dissonance occurring, trying to “justify” their behavior by changing or adding new parts of the conflicting cognition, as well as actively avoids situations and information likely to increase the psychological discomfort.

In Part 1, we get an introduction of how Cognitive Dissonance has Concealed and Altered the Narrative of Truth throughout American History. The topics that will be discussed and examined are Colonial American History, the Cannibals of Jamestown, how Wampanoag Native American Samoset greeted the Pilgrims in English in 1621, the Corporation of the United States of America, the Law of the Land, Why DNA Test Always Say So-Called African Americans Have Sub-Saharan Ancestry, the Dutch West India Company; their first slave settlement in Brazil in 1630, the subjugation of thousands of American Natives over 3 to 4 generations BEFORE the partnership between the Dutch, England and Denmark about 100 years later to establish Negroland in a Thinly Explored West Africa in 1729; how many of the people of West Africa used as markers actually have ancestry in the Americas, and how so-called African Americans match them.

Then we will explore Maps of Africa from less than 1,000 years ago, and see who and what the maps depict living in the continent as recent as the 16th Century. We will then explore and examine the history of the many amalgamations and hybrids beings depicted throughout the Middle Ages, and a history of people born with extra appendages or body parts; remnants of the recent past.

Next, we examine the history of Planned Parenthood and it’s purpose and historical target. Then, we examine why there is and has always been an agenda to exterminate the Copper Colored Races, and the Big Secret; the Negro Tribes of South America are the Aboriginals of the Continent and the Ancestors of the American Indians of North and South America and the West Indies.

As We Awaken from the spells cast by the European invasions and subsequent colonization and subjugation of the indigenous population of North America, and the European’s role in perpetuating the Spanish Inquisition; the imposition of Christianity and the Catholic Church perpetuated; which extended the Papal Bull, Dum Diversas (Until Different) WHEN WILL THAT BE???

We grant you [Kings of Spain and Portugal] by these present documents, with our Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, search out, capture, and subjugate the Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be, as well as their kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and other property and to reduce their persons into perpetual servitude.

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  1. anyone can be soverign its a human being thing dont have anything to do with race thats why everyone say "we r created equal under god" . keep it open to everyone we all need to recognize this noone is better than anyone else we all have equal rights.

  2. The monster with a face in it's chest ( Blemmye ) reminds me of the movie "Total recall". Where one of the characters in the movie was depicted nearly exactly like a Blemmye…interesting

  3. umm cannibalism was common among many tribes around the world, in trying to figure out your point, lmai

  4. The bigots and racist see this and still will deny that the entire world at one time was only inhabited by the people of Africa, even with proof, as there are books written in then17th century about the indigenous [eople of the Western Hemisphere, and all say the were BLACK!.
    Try telling this to those so-called Clovis descendants, who swear that they were the first to inhabit these shore. I must confess that I was extremely sceptical about this, but with reading eyewitness reports, and reading about the archaeological finds from WHITE archaeologist, who are not afraid of the truth, it is true. I emphasise, WHITE, as many people would not accept the BLACK archaeologist who has and probably more insight in this matter. We of African descent seem to have to prove ourselves twenty times more than other ethnic groups, but one must consider what one is dealing with in these united HATES of america.
    The Africans has been in the Western Hemisphere at least 56,000 years before the Siberian Scavengers,(The Mongoloids) who in my opinion, found the ice-free corridor of the Behring Strait while chasing their dinner. How could a Nomad, have knowledge about farming unless taught by someone, who had an agrarian and stationery society.
    Additionally, what I cannot fathom is how many so-called Indians, who are the Mongoloids, have such destain for people from Africa, and we both share the same disgusting story of white trash racism and genocide, and saying that Blacks want to take their culture. Sorry, but it was the Mongoloids that learned from the people already here. It is unfortunate that people who have been downtrodden will gang up of others who share the same horrific experience of coming into contact with whites.

  5. What a horrible old bitch. Too bad she came into the world, but her thoughts are not unusual in this country of bigots and racist. Bad Karma will get you eventually: white folks you are now having problems procreating not only in this country but worldwide.Look at your history and see the mass genocide your ancestors and even today perpetrated against people colour. I can only say that I am happy to see many of yu whites catch the same hell that was given to us. Too bad Sanger wasn't an aborted .

  6. Who is that clown with the map? Many African Empires had castle's and large compounds, i,ew, Great Zimbabwe! Ancient Kemet had many structures, all built by African people without the help or interference of white trash.
    Those so-called castles were slave compound built by eurotrash.
    Cultures create deities that look like themselves, so be it with white trash, however, these delusional knuckle-scraping Neanderthals, their psychology is to steal and say everything created by others, especially Africans are theirs; forgetting about chronology or totally ignoring archaeological proofs that they only crawled out of their caves 10,000-8000 ago

  7. If Amen-Ra is a Hebrew God why is he honored on Kemetic temples? I thought they enslaved the Israelites…but they honor the God of the oppressed?
    I went to look at that Angelino Dulcert map closer and that looks exactly like the depiction of Mansa Musa. Its the exact same map but the character drawn has different skin tone. Which is the authentic map?Conclusion: Afrocentricism is part of the agenda

  8. Moors are Africans they aren't indigenous no sovereignty either. Exile from Europe so they came over here. Some were slaves that got releas from Virginia, many went to the South Carolina/ Georgia area and became slave owners. They have the same statuses as Caucasian their classified as white, probably why they can pull their weight around.
    Only people are entitled to and are sovereign are indigenous negroes, not all black ppl in the Americas are indigenous.

  9. MOORS have no sovereignty in the Unites states her entire diatribe is a lie Moors have no Nationality in America or Morocco cut the bullshit Moors for the most part of nothing but lackeys for white supremacy Moors have never won any cases in Federal Court Moors are a masonic sect under oath of Zionist

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