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American Behavioral Scientist-Feb. 2010 Says SCADs are State Crimes Against Democracy including but not limited to Plamegate, WMD, 911, Incubator babies, S&L, Iran/Contra, Watergate, JFK, Korean War, Pearl Harbor & The USS Maine. 2+2=5

Terror Management Theory
System Justification Theory,%20Banaji,%20&%20Nosek%20%282004%29%20A%20Decade%20of%20System%20Justificati.pdf
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Motivated reasoning
PTSD Nation

Thought is 98% unconscious. Collectively, these offer insight into reasons why it feels good to case build for fantasy beLIEfs of immortality

Government collects taxes runs the police surveillance state fill prisons & bombs people That is its job

It builds highways so its military can travel freely about the empire

It funds hospitals to record the births & deaths of all subjects & to care for its ailing bureaucracy that is dying from the Global eugenics pogroms & processed poisons they pass off as food

It runs state schools where it is mandatory to be brainwashed through indoctrination into the ideology of beLIEf in unquestioning obedience to authority

All organized religions are symbolic. They are human creations. They all offer unrealistic answers to the three big questions, where do we come from, what are we doing here & where are we going. They all offer their beLIEvers immortality & they keep us fighting among ourselves over who will be the winning liars

Everyone needs money to provide the food & shelter to survive. The only way to get coin of the realm is to take a job. We get money from one employer & we give it to another for the food & shelter near the job so we can continue to work to shop to live in original sin/debt

You know you are here but you also know that you will not always be here & that you may die at any minute from a meteor or a heart attack & you also know that you are no more significant than a roach or a radish & that you are not immortal

We have a compulsion to believe we live in a world of meaning & not a universe of black holes & big bangs so we create CULTure with stories about creating the earth in six days, great floods, walking on water, rising from the dead & other miracles to test our indoctrination into the beLIEf of immortality

We know from observations that this Universe is about 13.7 Billion years old & expanding faster all the time from our point of origin

We know at the quantum level its scalar energy waves that make particles, depending upon the observer’s intent & quarks make up this energy

We also know matter is made from this energy in the form of atoms which are mostly empty space so matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we can see & touch or measure with our instruments

Keep in mind that we are all on a planet spinning & wobbling on our axis at about 1,000 miles per hour circling our sun at about 60,000 miles an hour while the sun is traveling around the Milky Way at about 800,000 mph & the Milky Way is moving around the Universe at about 3 million mph so any feeling of motionlessness & permanence is an illusion. Add to this the ellipses of the orbits of all the bodies & we get wave fluctuations in everything from eclipses, environmental changes & human behaviors

The average person is aware of 50,000 self talks during their waking hours. These include the memories you are preserving, the systems of denial you are justifying & the plans you are making for the future version of you. Incidentally over 75% on average are negative which technically puts us all in a state of PTSD

Every seven years every cell in your body is completely recycled & changed. You are not the same person. You are emergent & ever evolving. The only things that carry on are your memories & your vision of you in the future that you spent your time planning & preparing for or watching tell lie vision & being indoctrinated into by CULTure

We all get to imprint 1984 through the education system & absorb movies like THX 1138, Roller ball, Running man, Logans run, Star wars, James Bond, Blade Runner & the ever growing list of dystopian futures our owners have planned for us

Some peoples idea of utopia is a cashless credit/indulgence based society where we are born into debt/original sin with a camera/god watching our every move & police/priests in armed vehicles enforcing our compliance. Its a theocratic hell hole where you have freedom of religion but not freedom from religion. You will be required to pick a team & fight to the death for it
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This my video on Cognitive Dissonance for my Communication Theory class. It is student made and meant to demonstrate the theory of Cognitive Dissonance as well as entertain. 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Money represents power. The motivating drive of the unethical is to gain power to exercise for the fulfillment of their own selfish desires. The NWO is a group of secret international tyrants who wants to consolidate control of the entire world in their own hands.

  2. @Slavestorms I couldn't agree more. I just can't help but think of the greatest invisible chain inflicted on a "free society". It's called the income tax. How ironic that this exists in the very country that fought against it to begin with. Freedom of speech, religion, etc are just mere distractions that make the cage seem larger.

  3. @truvelocity I don't know. I think creationists must be more deluded than anything. They seem to genuinely believe in the Genesis story with little concern about the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The latter part of your comment is true but only a small part of the issue.

  4. Kind of like those creationist web sites, full of cognitive dissonance with a plethora of thought terminating cliches to hold the mind captive.

  5. I agree.. but i also agree that it shouldn't be called NWO, simply because its an old world order, with upgrades.

    Certain people use others like pawns in a chess game, but the difference is, everyone can be moved with money, and most people do what they're told, so laws restrict their movement.

    People cannot go into business for themselves since competition is too stiff, thus can not ever own their own home, and the American dream becomes a sick nightmare for most people.slaves we are indeed

  6. That's similar to Michael Parenti's world view. A permanent class struggle with small gains and huge losses. The gains are measured in terms of money and the losses are counted in human lives.

    One has only to look around to see the decline in freedoms with the rise in the security state to get a clear picture of what the future holds

    We appear to be living in 1937 Germany with "I" Watch, Infra Guard, Interpol in charge of the FBI, cameras on every corner & a chip in every pocket. Your papers!

  7. i personally believe there are always conspiracies.. and that money is the reason the upper echelons make decisions for themselves, but against people. Nationalism means nothing to the wealthy, especially if they are indoctrinated into their own line of inheritance like a David Rockefeller.

    Certain people on the top meet only with people who are like them, its not a NWO conspiracy, its the plane truth that the powerful preserve their power by unifying their ideals against the public for gain

  8. Peace is a state of mind not a state of America. It's what you are programmed & told to beLIEve it is. War is peace, America goes to war for peace & democracy. We live in a democracy, what are you going to do, vote? Yah right

    Free speech is inherent. You are free to say what you have been indoctrinated to say. If you question things & speak too loudly you may end up like JFK, MX, MLK, RFK, Vince Foster, Paul O'Neil, Paul Wellstone, Gary Webb or Daniel Pearl

    War is divisive.

  9. It's called a liberal dialog. You can say anything you want. The illusion of free speech must be maintained. It just never makes the major media. They have their experts and if you ask them, people say blah blah blah. War is inevitable, a whole lot of people are going to have to die so come on and rally round the flag. Forget about your fellow man and just worry about yourself. If we win there will be peace and prosperity, same as it ever was

    There is no access to debate. Orders come from above

  10. yes, hence the definition of a theory and hence psychology is a science.

    your argument is ad hominem.

  11. Awesome comments on the right; spot on buddy! It is my hope that we will find this gathering place without even searching.

  12. I think cognitive dissonance is the homeostasis of our minds.

    My life forever changed when I learned about CD'ing and being a home boy. As soon as I realized who was creating the resistance to Kaizen in my experience, it was a hail of a lot easier for me to move ahead.

    Awareness is an awesome trip and boy, do I enjoy watching videos like this and then checking out the commenters. Intellectual voyeurism man – that's what life is all about!

    Thanks Slavestorms.

  13. Also known as the fallable human syndrome,aka meeting choices, and making them. Big whoopie, opposition in all things. It's an old and universal concept. Humans realizing we are part of nature too. Who could have guessed.

  14. I passed by the field of the sluggardly and by the vineyard of the man lacking sense and behold, it was completely overgrown with thistles: ITS' SURFACE WAS COVERED WITH NETTLES, AND ITS' STONEWALL WAS BROKEN DOWN.

    When I saw, I reflected upon it; I looked, and received instruction. A little sleep, a little slumber, a little of folding of hands to rest, then poverty will come upon as a robber and your want like an armed man.
    Proverbs 24:30
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