Cognitive Dissonance


In 1959, 71 students in an introductory course at Stanford University participated in an experiment that was advertised as dealing with “Measures of Performance.” The subjects were told that they may be asked to give feedback on the experiment since the department is looking to improve the experiments in the future. More at
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  1. To all of the militant liberals who love Obama and Hillary – both individuals claim to be Christians.

  2. I thought CD was when you hold onto an opinion no matter how many facts are presented contrary to it…. No??

  3. it is my profound opinion that cognitive dissonance is the most persistent and relevant social obstacle and primary mover in organized cultures the importance can only be underestimated

  4. The problem with this theory is that we don't know anything about the people taking the test. Their values and core beliefs (what happened to the people who refused to lie? they were simply ignored). How they perceive money, also the people doing the task may have genuinely enjoyed the task regardless of boring it would seem for most people. A Buddhist monk will have a very different experience of a seemingly uneventful task than your typical 7 year old child for example. Many things seem to not have been taken into account or overlooked, that's all.

  5. Majority of white society stuffers from "Cognitive Dissonance" but refuse to acknowledge it.

  6. I personally thought the initial example was poorly explained and a bit muddled: the kid as you say is already playing with blue eyed kids so continuing to play with them is not a behaviour change, and deciding that blue eyed kids aren't so bad afterall would be an attitudinal change. Continuing to think as your parents have told you that blue eyed kids are bad isn't exactly an attitudinal change either: you already believe they are bad, you're just twisting your good experiences of blue eyed folks to fit in with your attitude. You also fail to highlight the deeper attitudes such as "what my parents tell me about the world is correct" etc. although I guess you hint at this.

  7. You're missing the bulls-eye of this theory if you believe Cognitive Dissonance is confined only to the religious indoctrinated. CD is equally rampant among the secular, usually as a result of indoctrination received from years of academia.

    Why do the majority of Americans who describe themselves as "religious" vote straight-ticket Republican?

    Why do the majority of Americans who describe themselves as "non-religious" vote-straight-ticket Democrat?

    If you believe that only one of those groups mentioned is displaying Cognitive Dissonance – you are being controlled by your own CD.

    But what do I know, I was paid $20 to write this drivel..

  8. All liberals have cognitive dissonance. The reject the plain facts in front of them in order to serve their high held beliefs in Marxist ideology.


  10. "Cognitive dissonance: Get to know these two words. It is the unseen enemy of mankind. It does more to cause war, crime and suffering than anything else, because it prevents people from learning and changing. If you are ready to overcome your cognitive dissonance and learn the truth of life", then google truth contest and read "The Present". You will see what I mean when you read the first page.

  11. Anybody I know like that wouldn't get this video. 🙁 How does one rectify cognitive dissonance with simple lack of intelligence?

  12. I don't think the logistics of the experiment were explained very well. So the students told other people how fun the tasks were, and then rated how fun the tasks were? Who were these people lying to about it being fun? Were they giving the test to other students? Did they have to lie to an instructor while taking the tests?

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